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News and Events of interest to the farming community

14Nov2012: The Improvement of Meat Quality

Wednesday 14th November 2012
Boutflour Hall,
Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester
10:00 - 15:00
Putting Science into Practice - Combining Science and Commercial Farming – An examination of the role of
science to support the challenges and growth of the UK Beef Industry.

Globally, innovative beef producers are rapidly increasing their capacity to select young breeding stock for feed
efficiency and meat quality. A balanced approach therefore is required that accounts for the genetic relationships of feed efficiency on growth, carcass merit, meat quality, fertility and resource use, and an understanding of the economic value of each trait in a multi-trait selection is required. This workshop will discuss measures of meat quality and
efficiency including correlated traits, economic benefits and effects on systems efficiency. The incentive being is to
identify how meat quality can be improved, whilst maintain a profitable beef industry in the UK in a highly competitive global market.

Crucial to supporting this approach is an examination of the effect the meat industry has on
supporting producers to make informed choices on the management of their production system, together with the
challenges of getting research, through development, into day-to-day farming practice.