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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Matters

This section is used to list tried or potential practical solutions for individuals and communities across North Cornwall and beyond. To get more details or to arrange a trainig session/ seminar on one of the Solutions, just contact the originator of the message.

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Transition Twinning explained

This is our new Transition Twinning concept : partnerships between rural and urban Transition Groups.

Both Rural and Urban Transition groups tend to have their own strengths and weaknesses by the nature of their location and perhaps of the type of people engaged in each, their widely differing interests and experiences.

We thought that it may be useful to bring together some Rural and Urban Transition Groups to see how they can help each other and support each other.

Areas of possible co-operation: food supply, home swaps for holidays, working holidays on farms, ideas and enthusiasm sharing, technical/ Internet expertise, electrical and other renewable energy help, etc, etc. We hope this will develop into a realistic, low cost, zero carbon food conveyor from rural to urban areas, as well as many other forms of co-operation.

Item 1: Fieldpower Organics carbon busters

Organic fresh meat boxes delivered to London addresses once per month (last Wednesday of each month) by carbon neutral transport. We find that quite a few people find it convenient to share a box. And btw, the prices are lower than supermarkets' prices for chemical meat.

We are now contacting other organic farmers in our locality with a view to extend these monthly carbon free deliveries to London and distribution to individual addresses and/or distribution points by supplying greater quantity and range of produce.

Our own deliveries of fresh organic meat boxes to London addresses and also Woofers
Outcomes so far:
Fieldpower Organics carbon busters: setting up a monthly carbon neutral delivery of organic and carbon neutral produce from rural Cornwall to London - See, look up Fieldpower

Item 2: Holiday Home Swap

Setting up a register of Transition Group members wishing to offer their homes for a Holiday Home Swap: free to both parties, holiday in the country for the Urban member, holiday in the bustle and culture of a city for the Rural member

Item 3: Transition Woofer-like arrangement.

Setting up a register of farms/ rural members willing to welcome Urban members to stay in their home for a holiday in exchange for work on the farm/ home and vice versa

Item 4: Transition technical help holidays

Setting up a register of Urban members with skills such as electrical, plumbing, computer work, website design, etc willing to trade such skills for a holiday in a rural location

Item 5: School visits and swaps

With a view to urban youth finding out more about where their food comes from and getting chance to explore rural
waterways, fenlands and farmland. Rural young people would get chance to see sports/arts/cultural events, and a more diverse local population that might broaden their horizons. Generally to encourage community development.

Paul Sousek:
Transition North Cornwall

Any other Transition Group wishing to potentially participate, please contact me at the above email address or leave a comment at the above website.

Any organic farmer in North Cornwall wishing to participate in the Fieldpower Organics scheme to distribute organic food in London, please contact me on

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