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Creation Challenge newsletter

Creation Challenge newsletter

Happy New Year and Welcome to the January edition of Creation Challenge!

I hope this finds you wrapped up warm and prepared for the days of ‘Frozen Britain’ the BBC news keeps talking about to cheer us up! As we start a New Year our focus moves from the preparation for Christmas during Advent, to our preparation for Easter during Lent. Preparation is incredibly important. We had hoped that all of the preparations for The Wave event, and that done by all those that attended the Copenhagen summit, would have resulted in a more definite response to the issue of Climate Change; but the hope and the campaign continues. The changes that are needed must be taken by all of us, but we need our governments to lead. So make use of the Christian Aid campaign asking Gordon Brown to get the negotiations up and running again.

COMING SOON: From the 1st Feb Creation Challenge and The Green Pages section of Reform (The URC’s magazine) are teaming up with the publisher Lion Children’s to offer your chance to win one of 5 sets of It's My World Too and The Good Green Footprint. (See reviews at end of newsletter.) For more information about Lion Children's selection of green books, visit

The network exists to support the work of individuals and churches throughout our denominations so please share any news, tips, experiences or questions that you have where churches' and your own engagement with the environment are concerned.

Best wishes,

Dave Coaker

Creation Challenge, Coordinator

Ask Gordon to keep the negotiations going
COP15 ended so badly, Christian Aid wants you to write to Gordon Brown asking him to get the negotiations up and running again.

Write to Gordon, demand a real deal
After the disappointing result from COP15, we have to keep the pressure on world leaders. Use this Oxfam action to write to Gordon Brown and demand a real deal.

Write to Ed Miliband demanding 40% reductions
The UK needs to commit to 40% emissions reductions (based on 1990 levels) to avoid global temperature rises exceeding the danger level of 2°C.

Use Friends of the Earth’s action to write to Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, to demand the UK commits to 40% reductions and puts up more money to help those people who will be hit first & worst by the effects of climate change.

Conclusion of UN COP15 climate summit
Statement on the conclusion of UN climate summit in Copenhagen by Stop Climate Chaos.

The Copenhagen Accord
Read the full text here.

The Free Churches condemn failure to reach climate deal
The Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches have condemned the world’s richest countries for failing to reach a binding agreement at the Copenhagen climate change summit.

The WCC is disappointed by the outcome of the Copenhagen climate summit
As the excitement of the Copenhagen climate change talks subside, the time for matching reality with expectations has begun. From the perspective of the World Council of Churches (WCC) the outcome of the negotiations unfortunately did not match expectations.

Copenhagen climate deal meets qualified UN welcome
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed a US-backed climate deal in Copenhagen as an “essential beginning”.

Facts behind the climate finance figures at Copenhagen revealed
The issue of climate finance is a Copenhagen deal breaker for developing countries, and much has been made by Gordon Brown and yesterday, Hillary Clinton, on the need for climate finance. Both have put forward figures to help developing countries cope with the impact of climate change. But the World Development Movement’s analysis shows that the facts behind the figures add ‘insult to injury’ for developing countries. Of the $100 billion ‘announced’ yesterday by Hillary Clinton, half or more would be financed by carbon trading and developing countries.

Preventing Dangerous Climate Change
The Royal Society has recently issued a 2 page statement, Preventing dangerous Climate Change, that can be downloaded from the Royal Society website.

How theology can help save the world from climate change
What does the Bible say about climate change? What are the theological insights churches can offer to a world facing an unprecedented ecological crisis?

The environment in your pocket
The thirteenth edition of Defra’s environment in your pocket annual publication focuses strongly on the themes of waste, recycling and sustainable consumption. It is a handy, free of charge, pocket-sized distillation of around 60 key data series

Climate Change and Tourism: Call for Action by Civil Society Groups
People are at the heart of this call to action. Local communities in developing societies who have contributed least to global warming will be among the first to suffer its devastating consequences. Some are already experiencing them.

Methodists’ New Year’s Resolution – to cut carbon emissions by 10 per cent within a year
Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church, signed up to the 10:10 campaign yesterday on behalf of over 100 staff at Methodist Church House in London. Throughout 2010, staff will work to cut 10 per cent off the building’s energy use.

New year, new climate deal
2010 must be the year that the world’s leaders reach a legally binding agreement on climate change, the Revd John Marsh, the moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church, has said.

JRI/Redcliffe College Environment day Conference: Food Futures
Organised in partnership with Redcliffe College, CMS and the Agricultural Christian Fellowship: 9.30am – 4.30pm, Saturday 6 March 2010.

Book Review
Book Review: Good Green Footprint
Crafts to Help Save the Planet by Christina Goodings

Book Review: It’s My World Too
Discover Endangered Animals and Their Habitats by Elena Pasquali