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Jacobstow Food Market Closes

Jacobstow Food Market Closes

Paul & Celia of Cottage Farm set the market up in December 2010 and it has been held every month throughout the harsh Winter and Spring until June.

Our intention was to offer an alternative source of food from local producers to the residents of Jacobstow and neighbouring parishes. We were hoping to help local food producers to stay in business, to sell direct to local residents and thus to create a measure of food resilience for our neck of the woods, which we thought would be useful in the near future when energy, travel and food will become that much more expensive as energy prices go through the roof and the financial system gradually crumbles.

However, the level of interest from local residents has not matched the minimal reasonable expectations of the stallholders. Consequently, at the last market in June the organisers and the stallholders have jointly decided not to continue with the venture, and thus no further Local Food Markets will be held in the Jacobstow Village Hall.

The Local Food Market has attracted a wide range of local food producers, including Cottage Farm (organic beef and lamb), Wooda Farm (organic lamb & vegetables), Season’s Harvest (organic vegetables), Sooz Sweet and Saucy (jams & chutneys), New Witheven (plants & woodcraft), Whalesborough Cheese (home made cheeses), Bangors Organic (organic vegetables, bread, eggs), Deli Farm Charcuterie (sausages & salamis), Tintagel Honey (honey) and Jersey Cow (milk, cream, butter, spring water). We thank them all for their patience and forbearance.

We would also wish to thank all the customers who have taken the time to attend the market and in particular Judy Dawkins, who helped with refreshments and Bob Reason for his help.

It should be noted that none of the stall holders expected to earn significant amounts of money from the market sales, which in general contribute only very little to their turnover and usually nothing to their profit. The reason they all persevered for seven months was in an effort to help establish a culture of mutual support between the residents and local producers, to gain some level of local resilience and thus to help our community cope with the coming difficult near future.

If there is a clear wish from a large section of the community to restart the Local Food Market, we shall be ready to do so. In the meantime you can find details of all the producers at (Local Food Producers) and order direct from them, if you wish.

Paul & Celia Sousek, Cottage Farm, tel 01840 230 548, email