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Jacobstow Journal and muddy waters

Jacobstow Journal - a secretive organization?

Having asked to be sent the Jacobstow Journal Constitution, I was astonished to be told that
"the Constitution is quite specific in stating that copies are available for Members of the Jacobstow Journal Organistation."

It would appear that residents of Jacobstow are not to be trusted with reading the Constitution of their own Parish magazine!

I have reproduced the correspondence between myself and the Journal below. My emails are addressed to Sarah, who handles all correspondence between ourselves and the Journal following the unprovoked attack on me by the editor in the very first issue, an arrangement intended to help prevent any recurrence of such appalling behaviour by Mike Quance, the then editor.

However, the reply came back from 'Administration' raising the issue whether or not Sarah and the rest of the editorial team are being kept out of the loop and whether they are even aware of the supporting letters, as yet unpublished, and other correspondence and actions by the editor.

Here is the communication:

-----Original Message-----

Hi Sarah,
Kindly send me the Jacobstow Journal Constitution, please.

Also, you might like to use some of the quotes from Dan Rogerson in here:

-----Original Message-----
From: journaladmin []
Sent: 04 May 2011 20:36
To: Paul
Subject: Constitution

Hello Paul

Thank you for your e-mail.

Regarding your request for a copy of the Jacobstow Journal Constitution, I have to advise you that the Constitution is quite specific in stating that copies are available for Members of the Jacobstow Journal Organistation.

I regret, therefore, that we are not in a position to forward a copy to you.

Thank you for your interest.

Jacobstow Journal

Hi Sarah,

I see that my request to you has been taken out of your hands and Jacobstow Journal remains a secretive organisation, ashamed of its own constitution.

Nevertheless, perhaps you and your fellow volunteers should ensure that the Jacobstow Journal Constitution is published in the next issue of the Journal, so that all Jacobstow residents know how their Parish magazine is run. As it is, the Journal asserts that it is run for the benefit of Jacobstow residents and at the same time denies the same residents knowledge of its structure as expressed in its constitution.

Also kindly advise me of the procedure for membership of the Jacobstow Journal Organisation, again something that should not be kept a secret from Jacobstow residents and should be published in the Journal at an early opportunity.

In the Autumn last year I sent to the Journal an official letter of complaint. Apart from your response, disassociating yourselves from the actions of the editor, I have not had an answer or explanation in six months. Neither has my letter been published in the Journal, nor have any of the supporting letters been published. Given that the Journal frequently encourages residents to write letters, these actions amount to censorship and disrespect for Jacobstow residents.

Would you like me to submit a shorter version of my letter for publication in the next issue?

Please confirm that you have received this email and that you are aware of the supportive letters from other Jacobstow residents. Please advise when these will be published.

Good luck to you and the other volunteers


Paul Sousek

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