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Farm Renewable Energy

Can you generate enough electricity on the farm not to have to pay any electricity bills ever again? Or even get paid something back? How is that done? What are the costs? Discuss here

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farm wind turbines

Thanks Mike,
I originally planned to be off-grid, i.e. use the wind turbines (and PV solar panels) to charge a battery bank and use an inverter to supply all our electricity requirements. But I am having second thoughts on this. I think that initially we will have one wind turbine grid-connected, i.e. supplying electricity directly to the grid and thus lowering our consumption and therefore our bills. At the same time we get ROCs (renewable obligation certificates) for all the power generated (regardless whether used by ourselves or flowing to the grid), which can be sold.

However, I do have all the batteries necessary for the off-grid system, so that when the grid start shutting down on a regular basis we will be able to switch to complete independence.

And, yes, the power is enough for the farm as our animals do not require any significant additional power (unlike dairy farms, where refrigeration of the milk is a significant further energy drain).