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The following may be of some comfort: Type in hydrogen fuel cells in the search section provides further interesting comments.
Below is a basic summary of email correspondance with Largs @ Stirling
Hi Jan,
Our target price for a full CHP system with a 9 kWe engine and a 40 kW boiler would be around 30,000 EUR. Such a system would give an output of 9 kWe power and approx. 25-26 kW heat.

Best regards,

With the rapid improvement of efficiency of pellet boilers to around 96% and the recent introduction of a British made mobile pellet mill/maker. The use of waste wood/sawdust and especially straw and miscanthus grass means the possibility of community pellet production may be on the cards. The lateral thinkers out there will be striving to solve the problems and a lack of knowledge by the media and politicions only hype up the doom and gloom. Look what the experts with their watchful eye have done to the worlds financial system. With all the facts at their finger tips surely they should have seen it coming!! Anyway I find the whole world of energy production very exciting with numerous opportunities I`m sure just around the corner.
Regards Jan