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Sailing organic products to Central London, CO2-free


We will be sailing to London (Saint-Katherine's Dock) from Brittany (Roscoff) in May. Several Breton organic vegetable producers are working with us to ship their production CO2-free (Turnips, turnip bundles, Ostara Batz Island early potatoes, unwashed carrots, beetroots - from Bio Breizh producers). Even though there is already cargo booked (wine, salt), there is still a bit of room left on board (€225/pallet).

Of course, we ship things by sail for environmental reasons and to develop an alternative that will lead us to modern sailing cargo ships, but it matters that is suits several stakeholders' current and concrete needs. We are also open to ship your own products, as we fundamentally just "sail goods" and try to make offer and demand meet to fill our ship. (Picture attached)

Regarded as a "PR leverage" of our clean shipping ou will find below the PR services that we will offer during the London call.

We sail goods across the Atlantic and around European coasts and more specifically between the United Kingdom and France. On UK-FR transits we certify that each product has been shipped by sail with a label providing "Shipped by sail power - the carbon-neutral option" in the UK which contains a QR Code linking to all maritime information (logbook, CO2 footprint etc).

Our next operation will include a departure from Saint-Nazaire (loading on the 2nd/3rd of May), a call in Roscoff, bound for Tilbury's London City Bond (one day unloading and clearing the wine) and 4 days in London (Saint-Katherine’s dock, underneath Tower Bridge) until the 20th of May.

Our price is €225/pallet. The non-mandatory TOWT label price is of €0.1 each.

We are also extremely active PR-wise, indeed we have already secured possible coverage for the boat that you would obviously be mentioned in, if and when you were to join in.

PR Services in Saint-Katherine's Dock:
Deck (Length 22,7 m x Max width 7,92 m) rental (For commercial and PR activities). Own organisation - Mr Le Grand, TOWT founder, can be present.
1h30 £500
half-day (4h30) £1500

Image presence during landing party (2mx1m table) £750
The landing party will include a press conference (20 mins) on a floating pontoon near the ship and a cocktail/tasting and meeting with the journalists (about 1hr).

1h-1h30 sailing on the River £2000 (25 people allowed on board with a flag up the mast) (limited).

For more information (Wine to Copenhagen) (Page linked to with QR-Code by the "Shipped by sail - the carbon-neutral option" transparency label). More generally :

Kind regards,

Guillaume Le Grand

TOWT - Transport à la voile
+33 (0) 6 69 70 37 97