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This feature is inaccurate

Hello Paul,

Much as I appreciate Joannie's motives in getting the story to you asap,
the feature by Adrian Campbell is inaccurate in a number of ways.

It only puts the Council side of the financial situation. The costs of
£300 million and the added delay costs of £1million per month are only
relevant if the Council continues with its blinkered attitude to push
for an incinerator which looks likely to fail.
It has just emerged that the costs of the "at risk" start to the Haul
and Access roads have cost just under half a million Pounds in three
weeks. Work has now had to stop and all men and materials have been
moved from the site. In addition, if the legal matters are not resolved
by Dec. 31st. 2011 the European Investment Bank will cancel the loan and
the Council tax payers will have to foot the bill for a more expensive
renegotiated loan. This deadline will not now be met as the Secretary of
State has only two options, appeal or conduct an Appropriate Assessment,
both of which will take a minimum of four months.

If the SoS chooses both options they cannot be done simultaneously. They
both will take four months and so the next deadline that will be missed
is the need to pay Imerys a quarter of a million Pounds in Compensation
for reinstatement of the Haul Road ground if work has not restarted by
June 2012. The final bombshell is to discover that the Council taxpayers
are liable for all of SITAs legal bills because this was written in to
the contract. SITA have already incurred legal expense by putting a
defence before Mr. Justice Collins which failed like that of the
Secretary fo State. If the SoS decides to appeal to the Appeal Court,
SITA will need to be represented as secondary defendants. If the SoS
fails in his appeal and decides to take it to the Supreme Court, this
will be yet another expense. If the SoS succeeds at appeal this will be
challenged by The Cornwall Waste Forum at the Supreme Court. If he
decides to conduct an AA and rules that there is no environmental risk
then this will be challenged by another section 288 challenge in the
High Court. All of these legal actions will take a number of years to
resolve. All this because the Council have no plan B

Here we come to the other major flaw in your story. The alternative
being put forward by Cornwall Waste Forum is not for Pyrolysis or
Gasification. We are totally against any form of thermal technology. The
answer is so cheap and simple it beggars belief that the Council are
resisting it. It is simply this:-
1) Put sophisticated high tech sorters into the bigger HWRCs (one in
each old District) to recover recycling from Black Bag waste
2) Put two AD plants one in the west and one in the east. One will deal
with source separated food waste which will produce high quality
digestate and energy from biogas, and the other will digest reclaimed
biowaste and produce compost for landscaping and biogas.
3) Mine the recyclables from Connon Bridge landfill site and pass them
through the sorters and fill the void space with the small amount of
truely residual waste (about 10K tonnes per year)

The capital cost of this based on up and running schemes in other parts
of the UK and Europe is about one third of the cost of an Incinerator.
The running costs are not an issue because of the income from the market
value of the recycling.

Just in case you think this is a fag packet calculation, we have been
working on this for about four years and know it will work.

Hope you will take the opportunity to correct any false representation
of our position.


Rod Toms