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This section is used to list resources available to Groups and individuals across North Cornwall. To use any of the Resources, just contact the originator of the message.

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Cornwall Energy 2009-2020+

From Cornwall Council website:

In November 2009, the Department for Energy and Climate Change released six draft national policy statements relating to the future of energy in the UK. These statements formed the starting point for this analysis which seeks to identify a number of future energy trends and their implications for Cornwall.
This approach enables us to make decisions about what we want to achieve in Cornwall, the sort of future we want and how we might achieve it. It can also help us to think about how we can be more prepared for possible challenges or threats.
The chart shows key internationational national, regional and local milestones that may impact on energy in Cornwall:

The UK Government designated South West England as the UK's first Low Carbon Economic Area
Expected to be significant investment in marine renewable in Cornwall, including for the Wave Hub
Cornwall’s current energy consumption is 12,400 giga watt hours, of which 75% was oil and gas
Cornwall needs to develop the ability to meet more of its own
energy needs & to retain a greater part of energy expenditure

Decision to be made on the Severn Tidal barrage scheme

Cornwall target of 93-108MW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2010
Cornwall currently has almost 73 MW of installed renewable energy capacity, higher than any other county in the SW -
vast resources are still available

Onshore renewables quicker and cheaper to deploy in the region
than offshore technologies
Potential growth in small scale & decentralised renewable energy industries, many of which could be located in Cornwall

The first wave energy devices of Wave Hub expected to be deployed in 2011
The Wave Hub is expected to bring a number of jobs to Cornwall and could put the county on the map as a leader in marine energy


Growth in transport energy demand likely to be difficult to curtail the South West
Measures to help reduce transport energy demand important e.g. home working, walking, cycling & public transport

Consents expected for a number of offshore wind farms, 3 of which are potentially in the South West
Offshore wind farms may become technically & economically viable off the Cornish coast as the technology matures

The UK’s first commercial scale geothermal power plant could be
operational in Cornwall
Cornwall is thought to be one of the few places in the UK where geothermal energy is feasible

Cornwall’s landfill capacity will diminish further, with a second landfill site expected to close
Utilising waste as a potential energy resource is likely to
become more important as landfill becomes increasingly difficult & costly

Where possible, all homes in the South West to have loft and
cavity wall insulation
Cornwall has a high proportion of homes which are ‘hard to
treat’ (cannot be treated with conventional insulation measures)

No households in the South West will be in fuel poverty by 2016
This will be challenging as 17% of total households in Cornwall in 2006 were living in fuel poverty

Cornwall’s population is expected to have increased significantly
Increases in population will make energy efficiency & measures to reduce demand increasingly important

…The South West becomes leader in marine renewable energy technologies and skills?
…Changes in climate cause interruptions to energy supplies?
…Energy demand rises with population and household growth?

…At the extremes of the energy network, Cornwall is increasingly vulnerable to threats to energy supply?
…Energy security impacts on food security, with increased costs of production and transportation of food?

Horizon scanning – Energy (November 2009) Community Intelligence, Cornwall Council