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TransitionNC web site

PaulS's picture

It's been a long time coming, but the Transition NC website is finally up and running at

The main purpose of the website is to allow transitioners from each location to get in touch with each other to get things moving in your own location. I would therefore ask you to find time to register and 'reply' to the 'Contacts' section in the Forum against your own Parish. You will then hopefully see others in your Parish to contact and start organising yourselves.

Any feedback on the website would be greatly appreciated!

I have originally set the web site up back in April using facilities kindly provided free of charge by a member. Unfortunately, this service was later withdrawn and so I had to recreate the unfamiliar system elsewhere, which has taken some time and the result is not as good as the original. Hopefully I will be able to improve it over time - if you are familiar with Drupal system and can help, please let me know.

The most important part of the website is the 'Forum'. Here anyone can set up new 'topics', either for a particular Parish or for North Cornwall as a whole. This could be anything from the 'appalling weather' to the likelihood of the 'survival of the human species' - your forum, your choice.

I have set up a few initial 'topics' to get things started:

Each Parish has a topic 'Forum'. The idea is to either enter something about yourself or about events or news from your Parish and hopefully, after a short while, you should be able to see who else is active/ interested in Transition in your neighbourhood. You should then be able to setup meetings or discuss possible events on line within your own group.

I have also set up a few of the type of 'topics' (in the 'NEWS, ...' section of the Forum) that may be useful across North Cornwall as well as within your Parish. However, the choice of 'topics' is entirely up to you.

Good luck and lets get things moving!

TransitionNC Website problems

On 19th August 2008 you said that you had problems because the original designer withdrew his services and I believe there was a disagreement with you over the service that was provided. Although you have done quite a good job it is now 10 months since then and this site is still inaccurate and "painful" to use. Examples are as follows:
1.The "Who's New" entry doesn't actually seem to have new people. Just the names of previous members that are repeated every few weeks.
2.The times annotated against "latest Info" seem to be completely random and bear little or no relationship to actual elapsed time.
3. The list of "Latest Info" sometimes (but not always) changes to something different after you have logged in.
4. There are quite a number of entries which are out of date and could be deleted as they are no longer relevant to anything. Does anyone "clean up" this site at all?
5. Just noticed that while I am writing this on line the "Who's Online" column states 0 Users and 0 Guests are online!!!!!!!!!! Strange.


A few points of clarifications, Chaz:
There was no disagreement between myself and the web site designer.

1.The "Who's New" entry works perfectly
2.The times annotated against "latest Info" are correct.
3. The list of "Latest Info" is just that, latest info, therefore it changes.
4. Deleting out of date entries is of low priority.
5. "Who's Online" works well, but only records active users - those changing pages frequently. Anyway, don't worry about it.

If you can get us some funding, I'll be happy to commission a complete redesign! However, bear in mind that it is the CONTENT, which is important, not the presentation style.

Maybe you, too, will soon contribute something useful or positive.


website problems

Paul, I don't actually mind too much if the website isn't 100% functional. What I do object to is when you refuse to accept that only your opinion is correct. This is clearly nonsense. There are many factual aspects that I could refer to regarding inaccuracies on the website - but what is the point if you won't listen? I will therefore limit myself to the most obvious one that is easy to check, namely the time elapsed since "Latest Info".
1. My entry for TransitionNC Website Problems is recorded as 11.39hrs on 21-6-09 which is 5 days 7 hrs ago from the current time. Your website says it is 3 days 9hrs.

2. My entry for Do we want a Pyramid is recorded as 20.40hrs on 22-6-09 which is 3 days 22 hrs ago from the current time. Your website says it is 2 days 32 mins.

I have only used my own two entries as examples but it does apply to the others as well. Do you see the point I am trying to make?

I understand that you do not claim to be a Software Engineer or a Website Designer so errors of this type are understandable. Errors where you refuse to accept what is, literally, in black and white are not quite so understandable.

As a final (positive) thought it might be better to remove all references to elapsed time rather than show something that is incorrect. What do you think?

I looked at it again about 1 hour after your post and found that both of your entries are are shown correctly as you calculated and your latest entry is shown as having been produced 1 hour 38 mins earlier - again correct.

The problem probably rest with your computer - perhaps your system date or time is set wrongly. Alternatively, your user account may be set for the wrong time zone.

In any case, the system works for other users as well as for my main and test settings. If you still cannot correct the problem, then I suggest you simply add 1 day to what you see.