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Renewable Energy Directory

Free entries for Cornwall based renewable energy suppliers. Just add a 'comment' describing your local business or use the 'contact' form to email in the information to be published.

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Navitron - renewable energy supplier

Stuck on where to start with renewable energy? ... Our FAQ section is a great place to find out the basics on solar panels, wind turbines, solar pv, water turbines and heat pumps.

Navitron supplies - Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Water Turbines, Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV), Heat Pumps and other renewable energy equipment, all at low cost and high efficiency.

Solar panels for your home solar water heating: Evacuated tube solar panels produce domestic solar hot water. For the average household one solar panel approx 2.25m2 area is sufficient to produce domestic hot water for the majority of the year. Larger or multiple solar panels systems can be used for larger cylinders, hot tubs and swimming pool applications. The Navitron solar system can be used with both vented and un-vented cylinders. A typical installation will include a solar panel, twin coil cylinder, solar panel controllers, expansion vessel, pump, valves, antifreeze and pipe insulation. Navitron also supply flat plate solar panels, pump stations plus many other solar ancillaries and fittings for all types of solar installations. The FAQ section is an ideal place to start designing your Navitron solar system.

PV solar panels (also known as photovoltaics or just 'solar panels'): produce renewable solar electricity for either stand alone or grid feed systems. The solar panels are easily connected making them ideal for battery charging, camping and remote power applications. The PV solar panels may be connected in strings for higher voltage and used with MPPT controllers for maximum efficiency. Our larger panels carry MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) Approval.

Wind Turbines: The Navitron wind turbines range from 300w to 2kw with a maximum voltage of 48v. Ideal for remote sites, the wind turbines can be used with an inverter via a battery bank to provide a domestic AC power supply.

Water Turbines: also known as hydro turbines, or hydropower - which produce mains electricity directly from renewable sources. Available as water wheels, low-head, medium head and high head water turbines, both impulse turbines and reaction turbines which are ideal for off-grid living, but also suitable for net metering and/or direct heating - mains power hydro turbines for battery charging, direct power or grid tie.

Heat Pumps: both Air source and Ground Source from 5kW, 9kW and upwards, The air source heatpumps are normally through-the-wall type, whereas ground source can access heat via ground loop pipes or direct flow of water through the heatpump. Suitable sources include, buried slinkies either vertical or horizontal, well, borehole, rivers, lakes, streams or even the sea! The COP (coefficient of performance) varies according to conditions, and can be as high as 5.5. Navitron also supplies a range of accessories and gadgets related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and generally reducing carbon emissions / carbon footprint. These include weather stations, TEGs, thermoelectric generators and accessories for the renewable technologies listed above.


Navitron Newsletter

MCS Approved PV Kits, New Generation Meters, STDC Solar Controller, 450L Vented Solar Cylinders


Everything you need to install an MCS Approved PV array for Grid-Tie and Feed-In tariff benefits. All kits come with our high spec PV Panels, Aluminium Mounting Rails, cable, connectors, isolator switches and grid-tie inverter as soon as they become available.

All the items in our kits are also available individually making it easy to design your own kit if one of our pre-made ones does not suffice. We also sell smaller PV panels for battery charging, self contained installations and Solar PV powered well pumps.

starting from £3985.16 (excl. vat) - -
t: 01572725512 -
fax: 01572724390