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Sintex Floating Type Biogas Plant

Floating type Biogas Plant

Breaking new ground with Biogas

Portable and ready-to-use plants anywhere in the world.

Sintex Floating Type Biogas Plant

Biog Ltd (C) Copyright (2010) All Rights Reserved

In recent years, biogas systems have attracted considerable attention as a promising approach to decentralized rural development. Biogas is one the sources of renewable energy. It forms naturally in humid environments with no air or oxygen and can be obtained artificially by fermenting animal or plant waste in a basin known as a biodigester or “Biogas Plant”.

Biogas plants do more than producing gas, their effluent can be used to fertile spoiled based crops and therefore improve agricultural yield.

Interest in biogas systems exists with respect to various objectives: a renewable source of energy for cooking fuel, conversion of manure into an improved fertilizer, waste recycling, rural development, public health and hygiene, pollution control, environmental management, appropriate technology, and technical cooperation.

The manual developed by Sintex on the design and maintenance of family size biogas plants
illustrates the importance of adapting biogas technology to ensure that it works in the local setting, and that its use can be sustained. Our plant has contributed locally towards the reduced use of firewood for cooking and other activities, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Vegetation as been under less pressure, especially in the target villages, as a result of the decreased use of firewood.

The pressure of rapid urbanization and increasing population has reduced India’s forest to a few scrubby tree way out on the horizon causing extreme fuel shortages in the country. Acute shortage of fuel has not only increased the cost of traditional fuel sources, but also put terrible burden on medium class families across the country.

Sintex Biogas Plants are the first portable and ready-to-use plants anywhere in the world; moulded in tough piece by State of The Art Moulding process manufactured from Grade of Polyethylene material confirming to the requirement of IS 10146 – 1982; Non toxic, free from any contamination, chemical resistant, blended with stabilizers, Anti Corrosive and Anti Acidic, absolutely smooth and sanitary, chemical resistant, blended with stabilizers, designed especially for Semi Urban and Rural areas to produce Gas from organic waste (Kitchen Waste/Garden Waste / Cow/Buffalo Dung).

The whole document can be downloaded here: