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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News December 2013

Welcome to the December update on TransitionNC news, events, stories and discussions.

Christmas parties, events, conferences and many new interesting news stories, papers and articles: get stuck in, so much to learn, so little time (but then what's Christmas for, if not for catching up?).

Forthcoming events:

3Dec2013: Financing your community enterprise: course for Social Enterprises, Community Organisations and Charities -
6Dec2013: Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2013: ceremony will recognise the work businesses are doing to improve their own sustainability and that of the Cornish economy as a whole -
11Dec2013: Balancing your Smart Energy Options: a Master Class in the challenges and opportunities presented by Smart Energy Management Solutions-
12Dec2013: Transition Bude: fine food and music: home-made hot meals and light refreshments, followed by sessions by renowned local artists -
14Dec2013: WREN Christmas Party: -
6-7Jan2014: Real Farming Conference: We will bring together representatives from some of the leading initiatives to learn from -
25Jan2014: T.Lostwithiel January Jumble: This is for local charities to have a stall in the main hall and raise money for their cause -
8Jun2014: Open Farm Sunday @ award winning organic farm: a real home where real people have drastically reduced their carbon footprint and their energy bills -

News and events for farmers are here:
Renewable Heat Incentive in six questions: -
Help for farmers in severe weather: how to improve resilience this winter -
Farmers Cultivate Crops and Solar Energy: generate solar electricity while growing crops on the same farmland -
North Wyke Seminars 2013-2014: new event every month -
How to farm properly: We – humanity; the world – need to produce, distribute, and generally treat our food in quite a different way, because the way we do things now is a disaster on every front -

All these and others listed in

Major news stories and opinions from the past month include:
Cornwall has the strongest independence movement: We want to see Cornwall recognised as a nation -
10% Supertax On Household Savings likely: This is a story that should raise an eyebrow or two on every single face -
6 Scary Conclusions in the UN's climate change report: what we are doing to the planet is irreversible on a multi-century to millennial time scale -
Arctic temperatures account for the ‘pause’ in global warming: largely explained by a failure to record an unprecedented rise in Arctic temperatures -
Managing Transparency: assault on democracy: Panic spreads through the European Commission like ferrets in a rabbit warren -
The future of centralised power generation: home brewed renewable electricity is not only tax free but also it replaces grid supplied electricity that would have been paid for out of taxed income -
Introducing... UNDERCOVERS: five-season, 25-episode television drama series based on the incredible true story of the police spies who infiltrated British activist groups -
Opinion poll shows 70% in favour of wind farms near them: There was a clear majority in favour across the political spectrum -
An oil crash is on its way and we should be ready: risk blindness that, unless action is taken, will lead to a global crash -
10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy: The Illusion of Choice: these corporations create a chain that begins at one of 10 super companies -
How to Reclaim the Foodchain from the Supermarkets: BigBarn is a Social Enterprise with a mission -
Underground Actions in the UK: militants target infrastructure or companies responsible for destroying our world -
Transition Lostwithiel December 2013 e-newsletter: Does Lostwithiel still need Transition? -
Mebyon Kernow again asks for devolution in Cornwall: 50,000 people requested the establishment of a Cornish Assembly -

Many more news and comment stories at and

The library of Learning Resources:

Top 10 Policies for a Steady-State Economy: steady-state economy is one that develops qualitatively (by improvement in science, technology, and ethics) without growing quantitatively -
Ten Arguments Against Incineration: adapted from Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time -
GREEN CAPITALISM: WHY IT CAN'T WORK: demonstrates the impossibility of a sustainable "green capitalism" -
Energy Islands: utilize solar,wind,hydrogen and OTEC.The OTEC technology is something of a green dream; not only is it clean and renewable, but so are its by-products. -
Climate After Growth: Why Environmentalists Must Embrace Post-Growth Economics & Community Resilience. The nearly ubiquitous belief of our elected officials is that addressing the climate crisis must come second to ensuring economic growth. This is wrongheaded—both because it underestimates the severity of the climate crisis, and because it presupposes that the old economic "normal" of robust growth can be revived. It can’t -
174 Global Warming & Climate Change Myths: Here is a summary of global warming and climate change myths, sorted by recent popularity vs. what science says -
ENERGY and the Delusion of Endless Growth : Every peak oil-aware person out there knows the difficulty of convincing the energy unaware of energy crisis -
plus Personal Energy Descent Plan, some very useful pointers that you may not have thought of yet.
So you think you have a pension? - you'd better think again
The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st Century : a fantastic book, 500 page encyclopaedia of current thinking
and others in
Latest blog:
Farms need to provide large proportion of UK energy:

Elsewhere on the website you will find articles and discussions such as these

immerSUN: use up ALL of your PV/turbine electricity:
Do you have PV panels on your roof? Do you run a windturbine on your land? If so then you really should get an immerSUN. The immerSUN unit monitors the electricity which is about to be exported to the grid by your renewable energy device(s) and diverts it to your own immersion heater, night storage heaters or similar. It will double or triple the amount of your renewable energy used in your own home. -

The Organisations Directory now includes Bideford Sustainability Group, The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Steady State Economy, North Tamar and Bude Transition at

Here is our Local Food Directory: and Renewable Energy Directory: with new entries including Wild food guide, Yarrow and its Medicinal Benefits, Simply Cornish Hampers, BigBarn, Cottage Farm finalist at Soil Association Innovation Award, Cornish Renewable Energy and The New immerSUN Available Now

And finally, Transition Ideas and Solutions:, including
14 low-tech ways to keep your house warm: Here are cheap ways to save money when heating your house -
Preparing Your Firewood Supply -
Living on the Land - at Last! by Patrick Whitefield -
Stories of the Great Turning, Joanna Macy: including a story by Celia Sousek about Cottage Farm -

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