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Transition News February 2013

Welcome to the February update on TransitionNC news, events, stories and discussions.

The facts about Global Warming are just not getting through to the public, so here is my bit:

If Global Warming exceeds 2C then natural positive feedback processes will push it to 6C with unstoppable force, which will result in the desertification of most of the planet surface.
So far global temperature has risen by 0.8C and a further 0.8C worth of CO2 is already in the atmosphere. We therefore have just 0.4C to play with before the planet will be set to become largely uninhabitable by humans.

Fossil fuel reserves already known but not yet dug up and burnt will, if burnt, produce four times more CO2 than is required to push us through the 2C barrier. And of course every oil company is looking for more.

The only solution that anyone has ever come up with is to leave much of the coal, oil, gas, shale gas and oil, tar sands and heavy oils in the ground, not burn them and instead switch as rapidly as is feasible to renewable energy, including numerous wind turbines, solar panels, AD plants, wave and tidal energy, energy storage facilities and even nuclear power.

That is why it is our duty to our children and grandchildren to support just about every proposal for renewable energy project at least up to the level of local energy consumption. Anything else is tantamount to generational genocide.

(Extract from my newspaper article, also published in a full version as a blog on Here are a few events of interest and numerous news stories, showing that at least some reporters are aware of the horrendous situation our civilisation is in.

Forthcoming events:

29Jan2013: Economics – what is it good for? Economics is getting a bad name. With the global financial crisis it would appear that it is out of touch with the physical reality of living on a finite planet. -
30Jan2013: How to visualise more sustainable futures: Professor Dave Hicks will share his expertise in helping teachers and young people think about the future -
7Feb2013: Introducing a new Producer Market: Tamar Grow Local, Tavistock College and Transition Tavistock -
8Feb2013:Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock Farms: A focus group meeting with farmers, for farmers, by farmers -
10Mar2013: How to run your house on free energy: Winners of the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme Award open their house -
19Mar2013: Renewable Energy Marketplace: south west's biggest energy event covering renewables, efficiency measures and generation -
29/30Apr2013: Joel Salatin workshop: This is a rare (perhaps his first?)
visit to Britain and an opportunity not to be missed, although expensive -
26-28Jun2012: Global Energy Systems: tackle the energy challenges of rising energy costs, energy security, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions -

All these and others listed in

Major news stories and opinions from the past month include:

Lord Stern: climate change – it's far, far worse: Author of 2006 review speaks out on danger to economies as planet absorbs less carbon and is 'on track' for 4C rise -
The 'carbon bomb' is ticking: the ‘Point of No Return’ making it almost impossible to avoid global temperature rises of 5 – 6C -
World Economic Forum: climate 'increasingly dangerous': grave threats from 'markets and mother nature' -
2012: the year we abandoned the natural world: It was the year of living dangerously. In 2012 governments turned their backs on the living planet, demonstrating that no chronic problem, however grave, will take priority over an immediate concern, however trivial. -
Wind energy could surpass global power demand: It's a huge scale-up … but not unimaginable -
Another Government cop-out on emissions:
No comment ... speaks for itself. Exasperated -

Peer-to-peer lending boom could make banks obsolete: The days of the banking middlemen may be numbered -

Why is Britain clinging to the delusion that growth will return?: To buy any of this economic downgrading/upgrading, one has to partake of the collective delusion about the return of "growth". Fool's gold indeed. -
We must leave most of our fossil fuels in the ground: truly global implications of the International Energy Agency's 2012 report lie in the quietly devastating statement that no more than one-third of already proven reserves of fossil fuels can be burned by 2050 if the world is to prevent global warming exceeding the danger point of 2C. This means nothing less than leaving most of the world's coal, oil and gas in the ground -
Climate change: the terrible truth: What really shook me up is when he raised the spectre of people starving in this country within 20 years as climate change disrupts global food supplies. Did I hear him right? In the UK? -
Our society depends on energy. Yet we don't have a plan: Cutting household costs is vital, but that can only be part of a much wider approach to how we keep the nation going -
50 months to avoid climate disaster? beyond 2C increase an environmental "domino effect" is likely to operate in a volatile and unpredictable dynamic accelerating and reinforcing the warming effect -
Peak cheap oil is an incontrovertible fact, The Telegraph: disturbing pattern has emerged where each tentative recovery in the world economy sets off an oil price jump that it turn aborts the process -

News and events for farmers amongst us at are here:

The library of Learning Resources:

Why peak oil threatens the International Monetary System : This connection is critically important, but far from obvious. -
Redesigning Civilization - with Permaculture -
ENERGY and the Delusion of Endless Growth : Every peak oil-aware person out there knows the difficulty of convincing the energy unaware of energy crisis -
Resilience: Why so many parents today are getting it wrong -
Renewable Energy: The Vision And A Dose Of Reality: The world stands on the precipice -
A revolutionary paper by the International Monetary Fund: IMF's epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers-
Top 10 peak oil books: books on energy, climate and the economy -
Peak Oil: You don't have to take my word for it : If you write about, speak about, or talk with your family, friends and co-workers about peak oil, you've almost certainly been asked: "Well, who else is saying what you're saying?" here is the answer -
plus Personal Energy Descent Plan item of some very useful pointers that you may not have thought of yet.
So you think you have a pension? - you'd better think again
The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st Century : a fantastic book, 500 page encyclopaedia of current thinking
and others in

Elsewhere on the website you will find articles and discussions such as these

Good Energy proposals for Weeks St Mary Energy Park - summary: producing enough clean electricity to power around 20,000 homes -
What’s so good about Good Energy? Article about the Week St Mary Renewable Energy Park for local Parish magazines in Week St Mary, Jacobstow, Warbstow and North Petherwin -
Banks: Why Another Financial Crisis Is Inevitable-
The really, really big picture: economic growth: There isn't going to be enough net energy for the economic growth we want, by Chris Martenson -
Impotence, Leverage and Central Banking-
The economics of oil dependence: a glass ceiling to recovery: Why the oil industry today is like banking was in 2006 -
We're Headed For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions: Famous investor, previously not interested in climate change or peak oil, is describing much the same problems that brought the Transition Movement into existence. The world of business is at last catching up! -
Ten Charts That Make Clear The Planet Just Keeps Warming-
Model for Cornish Energy Independence -
Cornish Devolution : the whys and what for's of Cornish devolution and Cornish Assembly with law making powers - an essential step to safeguard our few advantages for the benefit of Cornwall residents: food and renewable energy

The Organisations Directory now includes Café Scientifique Launceston, Frack Off,, Eradicating Ecocide, REconomy Project, Timebanking UK at

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