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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News July 2011

Hello and welcome to the little late July issue covering both local and some national events, news, stories and more:

Are you interested in Community Renewable Energy Group for North Cornwall? If so, come and join TransitionNC Energy Group which hopes to develop renewable energy in North Cornwall along the lines of the Wadebridge based WREN. Please visit and if you like what you see register as a supporter and lets get that going!

Here are a few forthcoming events:

28-29Jul2011: Renewable Energy Exhibition & Conference ( Gaia Centre, Delabole, Cornwall. First day for business, 2nd day for householders. Looks an excellent event. Speakers include

Adrian Lea, Cornwall Council
Hugo House, Good Energy
Andrew Honey, Anient Ltd (microgeneration)
Stephen Frankel, Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN)
Claire Hottinger, Kensa Heat Pumps
Brian Kennelly, Neo Energy (ground source heat pumps)
Chris Ingram, Continental Underfloor Heating
Nathan Ward, Wendron Stoves Ltd
Ciarán Scallon, Mooney Kelly NIRAS (Anaerobic Digestion)
Rachel Solomon Williams, Head of Feed in Tariff, DECC
Andy Tanner, Plug into the Sun (PV)
Chris Elliott, Western Renewable Energy
Jake Burnyeat, Green Trust CIC (Wind)
Neil Farrington, Community Energy Plus
John Puddephatt, The Co-operative Bank
Paul Sousek, Cottage Farm and Transition North Cornwall (zero carbon farming)
James Humphreys, Rural Surveyors Smiths

28-31Jul2011: The Green Gathering 2011 is back: The Green Gathering 2011 will be a family, camping event, for approximately 5,000 people for a period of 4 days, held at a traditional farming estate in West Berkshire.

14Aug2011: How to save on energy bills - open day ( Possibly the last open day at Cottage Farm this year. Book ASAP, expected to be full. Free event.

20Aug2011: Zip it for kids - UK’s longest zip wire and charity action (

19Sep2011: How to build a roundhouse, 3 week course from Plan-it Earth

3-7Oct2011: Bill McKibben @ Schumacher College, founder of : is running a course, details here

19-26Oct2011: Low Carbon Earth Summit-2011: held in Dalian, China at the World Exposition Centre - better catch a boat now!
Schumacher College courses, Autumn 2011: Course this year and the next

All these and others listed in

Major news stories and opinions published in the past month include:

Cornwall Community Consultation : with community leaders, stakeholders, residents, and employees about the issues and opportunities affecting Cornwall and the people who live here.
Community turbine blows up another myth : wind turbine is beginning to reap financial rewards for both its shareholders and the village...
Brace yourselves for the next oil price shock in 2012 : next year looks like an accident waiting to happen. If economic growth in emerging economies remains on track, and that is a big If, the next oil price shock will occur in 2012.
World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant! : has overcome one of solar energy’s biggest challenges: operating when the sun doesn’t shine...
'Shocking' state of seas threatens mass extinction : Overfishing and pollution putting fish, sharks and whales in extreme danger – with extinction 'inevitable'...
REACTION TO GOVERNMENT RESPONSE ON FITS CONSULTATION : changes to FITs announced today, due to come into effect in August, effectively kill the UK solar industry for all installations over 50kW in size ...
‘Very worried’ about escalating emissions? You should be : Between 2003 and 2008, emissions had been rising at a rate faster than the IPCC worst case scenario ...
2011 Annual Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) Survey : If you’re active in a local group working on climate /environment, even if your you’re not an LCCN member, then please do take part in this unique survey...
Past Peak Oil - 2012, the year of the downslope : The only thing that could prevent another oil shock from happening before the end of 2012 would be another major economic contraction ...
UK Government to develop Oil Shock Response Plan : Chris Huhne yesterday agreed to develop an ‘Oil Shock Response Plan’ ...
IEA: More Oil Needed Urgently : The world oil market urgently needs extra supplies to prevent economic damage to importing countries that could derail the global recovery, the governing board of the International Energy Agency said...
Scotland surges ahead, can Cornwall catch up? : The new Scottish Government's 2020 renewable electricity target has been raised to 100 per cent...
Duchy College meeting in Jacobstow (
Jacobstow Food Market Closes ( See the details of why, how and when it might re-open.
CORNISH NATIONAL MINORITY REPORT 2: Within the spirit of the Framework Convention, implicit through its Articles, the Cornish constitute a national minority
250kW PV scheme in Wadebridge switched on: WREN's progress
Transition Superhomes: If you are thinking about making changes to your home to make it more energy efficient, then visiting homes in your local area, and talking to the homeowners, is a great way to get a grip on what is and isn't suitable.
The best way to solve the climate crisis?: A friend recently asked me: "What's the single best way to solve the climate crisis?" ...
Action on second homes : Last week, the members of Cornwall Council unanimously backed a motion to seek the removal of the 10% council tax discount presently enjoyed by second home-owners...
BigBarn crowd funding: BigBarn is the Leading local food organisation with a mission to build a, better, Local, Food Industry, as an alternative to the supermarket. and now you can become a part owner ...
Berrio Mill Hand Crafted Cornish Farm Produce: passionate about honey
Solar Feed-in Tariffs for local PV quotes A new website to find and get quotes from your nearest approved PV installers.
Transition and Activism : I’m researching a piece for the Transition newsletter about the relationship between activism and Transition ...

TransitionNews Weekend Magazine : 242 articles by 59 contributors. Read it here:
So you think you have a pension? - you'd better think again
The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st Century : a fantastic book, 500 page encyclopaedia of current thinking
and others in

The library of Learning Resources: section on Global Financial crisis further expanded by extracts from sources all over the world.

Capitalism without Growth - an action plan : How enterprise can flourish without growth-fixation
18min intro video that will change your life : You really owe it to yourself to see this
The End of Growth by Richard Heinberg : The End of Growth proposes a startling diagnosis: humanity has reached a fundamental turning point in its economic history.
Review: The End of Growth by Richard Heinberg : While “experts” assure us that the economy is slowly emerging from recession, a growing camp of well-informed dissenters thinks not ...
The path of Peak Oil collapse by German military : Psychological barriers account for the suppression of irrefutable facts and lead to an almost instinctive rejection of in-depth discussion of this difficult issue... The occurrence of Peak Oil is, however, unavoidable. - Bundeswehr report on Peak Oil
Imagine your life without oil : What would happen? How would we live in a world without oil?

Preparing for Economic Collapse, a personal guide : from someone who's done it already in response to an economic collapse in his own country. Short and practical eye opener! A must read for everyone.
Chris Martenson's Crash Course and its limitations , Earth’s Limits: Why Growth Won’t Return, Also Personal Energy Descent Plan item of some very useful pointers that you may not have thought of yet.

Elsewhere on the website you will find articles such as these

Transition and Activism how do the two relate to each other: mutually exclusive?
Recipe for natural insect repellent make your own guide
The Case for Small Scale Biofuels Good exposition of the benefits of biodiesel and SVO in rural environment. The author goes into some detail of cultivation, pressing, conversion to biodiesel and calculation of EROEI.(we follow much the same path here at Cottage Farm)
Free Trees for Communities grab a tree or a hundred
Let’s Reform Local Elections: how and why of the local electoral system
Inconvenient truths about the coming transition: a critique of the Transition Movement
Cornish Devolution : the whys and what for's of Cornish devolution and Cornish Assembly with law making powers - an essential step to safeguard our few advantages for the benefit of Cornwall residents: food and renewable energy
Transition cities: Mission impossible? : "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. "
Open Source Ecology - one of the best ideas for sustainable future I have ever come across - just have a look at it.
Community Power Cornwall, a new Industrial and Provident Society, owned by its members, which is setting out to develop and operate small to medium scale community owned renewable energy installations across the county: Share offer ends on the 12th June 2011
Superhomes @ Sustainable Energy Academy with almost 100 'superhomes' to visit and see how renewable energy can work in your own home.

The Local Food Directory now lists 97 entries and the Renewable Energy Directory has 44 entries

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