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Transition News Aug 2010 - article alert

I have come across an article by a well known commentator, scientist and an author, Richard Heinberg, that is very powerful and well argued, addressing the likely development of our economic and energy systems, which are beginning to utterly change all our lives in many different ways. It really is a must. Trust me, you need to read this to help you understand where we are and where we are headed and to re-assess the direction and level of activity in whatever work or Transition activity you may be involved.

You can read the Summary here: or better still the full article here: and make up your own mind.

My own view, which I have published back in 2008 ( and is very similar to that expressed in Richard's article, except that Richard Heinberg has argued his case in much greater depth, much more fluently and drawing on a great number of scientific and economic sources.

The article and its clear logic provides all 800 of us with an added incentive to speed up our respective preparations, transition work and any scheme which increases the local resilience of our own communities, Cornwall and the whole country.

Feel free to pass it on to anyone and everyone. The more people become aware of our real situation the better.

Good luck.

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