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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News Oct 2009

Hello everyone,

As you may know, all Transition groups in Cornwall and nation-wide support the development of renewable energy, including wind power. I hope you agree with that policy and are willing to support your beliefs by action.

After many delays and an initial rejection the application for Davidstow Community Windfarm is expected to be decided by Cornwall Council's strategic planning committee when it meets in Camelford on October 13 at 6pm.

You can help make it happen. Click here:
and fill in the form to let the planners know what you think.

Here is what I said, but of course make whatever comments you think best. Whatever your views, please click on the link and send your views to the planners:

'It is essential that we reduce our carbon emissions and renewable energy has an important part to play in helping to combat climate change. Copenhagen and the all important worldwide negotiations on an agreement to stop climate change is coming up and I hope that Cornwall Council will not stand in the way of reducing CO2 emissions.

The proposed wind farm will provide a large part of Cornwall's renewable energy target of 93-108MW of installed power by 2010. There would be little point of setting up targets like these and then refusing planning permission for the most effective way of reaching them.

Further more, it is essential that the UK as a whole and Cornwall playing its part, becomes energy self-sufficient in order to increase our resilience and the cost of importing the Government projected 80% of all our energy by 2020. That scenario is completely unaffordable even at today's prices, let alone at the anticipated much higher future energy prices. Renewable energy projects like this form an essential element of our effort to avoid major and frequent power cuts in the next few years.

I therefore urge the Planning Committee to positively support this application and grant an approval.'


In support of the Cornish Diet objectives Transition North Cornwall have started to develop a directory of Local Food Producers. So far more than 60 producers have joined the project and more are being added almost every day. The directory is freely available at this website and producer entries are free of charge. Some 200 copies of a short version of the directory were handed out at the Bude exhibition and more are available for any future event.
Every producers can describe their business as they wish, including all their contact details and links to their own websites. Customers can leave comments (as replies to producers entries) on their experiences and quality of products and service.

And its all here: Local Food Producers.

If you are a food producer, please add you details in or email me to do it for you. You will have full access to your entry at all times.

If you know of a good local food producer not yet on the list, do let me have their details and I will do the rest.

And here a several interesting pieces of Transition News, including Energy Bills to reach £2000 , Carbon tax on vehicle fuels (a proposed new EU wide tax), Britain ‘must go nuclear’ by Professor David MacKay, government’s chief scientific adviser on climate change and author of 'Without the Hot Air' (see the Resources section), Greenhouse emissions double, Peak oil is much more serious than most people realise by Jan Lundberg, oil-industry analyst, Climate Friendly Food launched and several others.

Here is an interesting event: 31 Oct 2009: Microgeneration masterclass in Delabole, 30 Oct 09: Public Meeting Wadebridge plus a few others.

New Resources on the website include Local Food by Tamzin Pinkerton (and Rob Hopkins of Transition fame) and Future Scenarios by David Holmgren , co-originator of the Permaculture concept. We have also added these new organisations: Cornish Guild of Smallholders, Wholesome Food Association, The Green Providers Directory and Smallholders Network.

Do let me know if you are ready to call a meeting in your village or Parish. We will be happy to assist with suitable films, talk or presentation.

Good luck with your preparations.

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