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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News Sep 2009

Hello everyone,

I hope our Indian Summer update finds you in good health and excellent spirits.

Here are a few points of interest since the last email two months ago:

The 'Saving the Planet' Exhibition on Saturday 19th September in Bude at the Methodist church, hall and grounds, 10am to 4pm will include 40+ exhibitors, cafe, pony rides, slum survival exhibition, market stalls, Transition stand and much more, its the one not to miss. See you there. Details here: 19th Sep 2009: Saving the Planet

Many other Transition Events are planned for September and October, including Permaculture course at Woodland Valley, and the screening of the film 'End of the Line' (

Have you heard of the 'Cornish Diet'? Here are couple of posts explaining the concept:

Cornish Diet is the name of a campaign to source 85% or as much as possible of your food from Cornwall. The reasons for attempting to adopt a Cornwall diet are:
· Reduction in food miles resulting in reduction in CO2 emissions and energy consumption
· Better for the local economy - money spent in local shops on local produce creates about twice as much wealth in the local economy as money spent in supermarkets, meaning better standard of living for all and more local jobs.
· Increase in food security - Cornwall will be more prepared for decrease in available energy
· Better animal welfare
· Increased awareness of where food comes from
· Better social cohesiveness - shopping in local shops and Farmers' Markets is more interactive, decreases social isolation
· Better value for money
· Better deal for farmers, fishermen and all local producers
· Reskilling in traditional food preparation, including food preserving techniques
· Better quality, fresher food - higher in nutrients, lower in saturated fats and additives

... and thus greater local resilience for North Cornwall.

In support of the Cornish Diet objectives Transition North Cornwall have started to develop a directory of Local Food Producers. So far more than 60 producers have joined the project and more are being added almost every day. The directory is freely available at this website and producer entries are free of charge. We hope to have a short version of the directory printed for the Bude Exhibition.

Every producers can describe their business as they wish, including all their contact details and links to their own website. Customers can leave comments (as replies to producers entries) on their experiences and quality of products and service.

And its all here: Local Food Producers.

If you are a food producer, please add you details in or email me to do it for you. You will have full access to your entry at all times.

If you know of a good local food producer not yet on the list, do let me have their details and I will do the rest.

Another four Organizations have been added to our growing list of helpful and useful contacts.

The Truro Cathedral is organising 'Footsteps to Copenhagen' - a whole series of events and actions leading up to the historic Copenhagen Conference - probably the last chance for the world leaders to agree concrete steps to keep overall temperature increase due to Climate Change to below 2C (above 2C several natural triggers will likely cause climate to warm by 6C or more, making most of the planet uninhabitable). Here are couple of entries about that: and

Here are a few more Transition Ideas & Solutions to explore.

And here a several interesting pieces of Transition News, including Warning from Climate Change Committee , David MacKay appointed Chief Scientific Advisor (author of 'Without the hot air'), Peak Oil – Supply data doesn’t lie , Launching 10:10 (from the director of 'The Age of Stupid'), tidal barrage potential (how much electricity can tidal barrages generate?), BBC 2 - The Future Of Food, and Britain's Energy Crisis or how our posturing politicians are the cause of future blackouts.


To become a member of Transition North Cornwall Ltd, just reply to this email confirming your wish to be a member and your contact details. We shall supply you with your membership number by return. Membership is free.

Let us know if you are ready to call a meeting in your village or Parish. We will be happy to assist with suitable films, talk or presentation.

Good luck with your preparations.

Transition North Cornwall Ltd:
Tel: 01840 230 548 email:

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