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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News May 2009

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder of tomorrow's event in Bude:

On Monday 18th May 7pm we shall be showing the film 'Peak Oil - Imposed by Nature' in Bude Methodist Hall. This short film (30 minutes) explains what Peak Oil is, why it matters to every one of us and how the resulting global energy crisis could destroy our society if nothing is done.

This will be followed by a discussion of the film and of the steps we can all take to improve our energy and food security in Bude. We also want to start Transition Bude group to take some of these ideas further. So do come if you are based anywhere near Bude. Full details are here:

We are planning further events for Bude on 18th June, 19th September and 1st October, which could become the 'unleashing' of Transition Bude.


Call for help:

I am standing for election to the County Council (!!), so I am rushed off my feet at the moment.

My platform is very much Green, pro-Transition and more generally pro-Cornwall. Further down this email you will find a short 'election address', so do check that to see if you agree with my aims.

If you do, I would very much appreciate any time you could devote to the campaign: stuffing envelopes, distributing leaflets.

I am also looking to raise about ?600, which will be the cost of printing and postage. Any contributions will be gratefully accepted. Please send a cheque for anything from ?5 to ?50 to Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, Cornwall EX23 0BU.

Here is the short version:


Dear friends and neighbours, I am Paul Sousek
of Cottage Farm, Jacobstow and I am standing
for election to the new Cornwall Council as a candidate
for Mebyon Kernow ? The Party For Cornwall
Having no masters in London, MK can fight for what is best for Cornwall, for all the people - whether Cornish or not.

We are at a turning point in our history. Climate change on an unprecedented scale, energy crises due to depleting fossil fuels, financial and economic system under threat of collapse and rising prices of food to name a few. Unless we change course right now we are headed for a major disaster. Many people and all the major political parties either deny that, pretend it will not affect us or carry on ?business as usual?, regardless.

I say we have to face the challenge, we need to galvanise action, harness all the talent of Cornwall and redesign our future. With your support we intend to take decisive action:

To greatly increase support for local farming, food production and availability of local food in shops
To promote public and low-cost housing with high insulation levels and renewable energy heating
To take advantage of Cornwall?s abundance of renewable energy, drastically increase its utilisation in all its forms, and use this to boost incomes in Cornwall, which are now well below average.
To protect existing post offices and build on their services and to support local shops, farm shops, markets and other local services, trades and businesses
To expand existing rail and bus public transport to provide workable solutions to rural transport needs.
Decisions about Cornwall are often taken outside of Cornwall in a multitude of quangos and various ?South-West? bodies with no accountability to people of Cornwall ? and that is a bad news for Cornish communities.

Cornwall must take charge of its own affairs. We must provide housing for all our young people, keep local shops, schools and services, and become much more self-sufficient in food and in renewable energy. In short, we need to increase our resilience in the face of energy and environmental crises and an unpredictable future.

The election on Thursday 4th June is really important. Whichever party you may have supported in the past or if you did not vote at all, I would urge you to vote this time ? and this time vote for Cornwall, VOTE for MK.

MK also have a party political broadcast, if you are interested in what the overall policy direction is, just click here:

If you feel you wish to make your own political contribution, please feel free to do so.


And finally, if you can, check the website often as new items are added on a daily basis. Also check you own Parish at for news and local events and add your own events. Advertising local events and local businesses is free on this website!

Good luck

Transition North Cornwall Ltd:
Tel: 01840 230 548 email:

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