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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News AGM 2009

Dear TNC member,

As a member of Transition North Cornwall you are hereby warmly invited to our Annual General Meeting, which will take place on Monday, 23rd March 2009 at 8:30pm at Public Rooms, Small Hall, Mount Folly, Bodmin, PL31 2DQ..

The AGM will be preceded by a public showing of the highly topical Money As Debt film, which will start at 7pm

We would like to see as many members as possible at the AGM. However, if it is not possible or convenient for you to be there in person, kindly vote by email (see a separate email for a voting form). All such votes will be added to any votes cast at the AGM itself.

AGENDA for the AGM of Transition North Cornwall Ltd

1. To adopt the Report of the Directors and Statement of Accounts for the year ending 28th February 2009.

2. To confirm amendment to Article 21vi) of the Articles of Association

3. To confirm amendment to Article 43 of the Articles of Association

4. To elect Directors

AGENDA for the AGM of Transition North Cornwall - unincorporated society

1. To close down the original unincorporated society and use the Limited Company for all future activities

Please read the following section for further details.

Members are entitled to attend and vote at the meeting in person or alternatively vote by email by using a Form of Proxy to appoint a proxy who will attend and vote on his or her behalf.

Form of Proxy (for voting by email): see separate email. If you wish to vote by proxy please reply to that separate email, indicating your votes.

Directors' Report

Transition North Cornwall Ltd, trading as Transition North Cornwall, is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital. It has been formed on 3rd November 2008 by the members of the Steering Group of Transition North Cornwall, the unincorporated society, which itself was formed on 29th March 2008.

TNC Ltd was formed as a successor company in order to protect both members and directors from personal liability. Members of the original unincorporated society have been contacted and 86% have joined the new company. The initial Directors of the company were Mr Paul Sousek, Mr Mike Grigg, Ms Rebecca Rapson.

Our mission is to increase awareness of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Transition solutions, to support development of local Transition groups and to act as an information network for Transition work.

Since its inception TNC and its directors have worked towards accomplishing our mission objectives:

1. Website: The website has been launched on 19th August 2008 and in its short existence has so far attracted 141 registered users, it has 40 individual Parish sections, 355 comments, news, events and other stories published, and it has had over 26,000 hits. On average it attracts 30 visitors per day with a maximum achieved of 800 in one day. Just under 200 people are on our database of contacts who requested email updates on activities. These are sent out approximately once per month.

The website is beginning to fulfil its purpose.

2. Events: TNC have organised 6 events, ranging from film shows to presentations by invited speakers, and have helped to promote 51 events across the whole of Cornwall and beyond.

3. Groups: The North Cornwall area now contains 4 transition type groups and further 3 are likely to start shortly. We are aiming for at least 20 transition style groups within the next 2 years.

TNC intends to continue the development of the TNC website, the organising of film shows and presentations and both encouraging and offering help with setting up of new groups, development of existing groups and practical help through dissemination of information and experience accumulated by individual members and groups.

The Directors are also considering setting up an Advisory Board made up largely of representatives of the transition groups in the North Cornwall area.

Statement of Accounts:

The Company intends to start trading from 1st April 2009. Therefore no accounts are available at present.

Amendment to Article 21vi) of the Articles of Association

Current: The Directors may at any time co-opt other Members to be Directors. Co-optees must not account for more than 20% of the board.
Proposed: The Directors may at any time co-opt other Members to be Directors up to the upper limit on the number of company directors, as specified within.
Reason: 20% of the new Board of Directors is less than 1 person. The Board would prefer to have the flexibility to co-opt more individuals as and when suitable volunteers become available.

Your Board supports this course of action and asks you to vote for the motion.

Amendment to Article 43 of the Articles of Association

Current: The company shall appoint one or more reporting accountants or auditors in accordance with the provisions of statute or regulation, if that is required and the Board of Directors so decides.

Proposed: The company shall appoint one or more reporting accountants or auditors in accordance with the provisions of statute or regulation, if that is required, except in any financial year in which the Company turnover does not exceed £1000.

Reason: It is proposed to dispense with the necessity to appoint and pay external Accountants and/or Auditors while company turnover remains under £1000 per annum, in which case the preparation of Accounts will be undertaken by a Board member free of charge and thus safeguard funds for transition purposes.

Your Board supports this course of action and asks you to vote for the motion.
Directors nominated for election at the AGM (please see a separate email containing the voting papers):

Mr Mike Grigg, current director, is retiring, having decided to take a year off for personal reasons. Ms Rebecca Rapson, current director, is taking a six month sabbatical, but hopes to rejoin TNC after this period. The Board of Directors thanks both of them for their contribution and hard work on behalf of the Company.

Mr Paul Sousek

I am a founding member of Transition North Cornwall as well as founding member of Transition Cornwall Network and our local Transition StGennys & Jacobstow and also involved in the work around Jacobstow Parish Plan.

Having learned of Peak Oil almost four years ago, I and my family have abandoned our past careers and lifestyles in London and Kent and have started a new life farming here in Cornwall, having had no previous experience. Since then we have taken various steps to insulate ourselves from the coming energy crisis and to reduce our carbon footprint. We have converted the farm to organic and now are introducing permaculture principles to our farming, we are obtaining, planning and installing our own water source, bio-diesel production, solar water heating, solar and wood space heating, off-grid electricity generation through wind turbines and PV panels and experimenting with various types of plants for energy, fodder and food.

I am keen to further develop the TNC website so that it becomes a source of information to all new and existing transition-style groups in North Cornwall and further a field, as well as providing a means of group formation, discussions and serve as a ready made website for new groups forming now and in the future.

I am also keen to organise the showing of the many films in our library to existing and new groups as well as give presentations on various aspects of Peak Oil, Transition and the practical steps we are taking, to help individuals, groups and the whole region to move urgently to much greater resilience. In my view the industry statistics point to us having not more than 12 months left before world oil production begins to irreversibly decline.

Ms Jacki Ellis-Martin

Jacki is a Councillor for Launceston and is now working towards establishing Transition Launceston group. She has been working with the TNC 'Steering Group' since the Autumn 2008 and has been co-opted in January 2009.

Mr Chris Piesse

As a Director I would bring a dedicated and committed belief that we can and must, do everything in our power to reduce our reliance on diminishing and increasingly expensive sources of energy and resources.

We must continue to Lobby the Government with regard to green issues but more importantly develop our own initiatives, within our local communities, supporting and helping each other – Taking responsibility for our own actions and not relying on ‘other people’ to do it for us.

I can bring a dedicated commitment, along with good organizational and motivational skills to help TNC develop as the umbrella organization for ‘Transition’ not only in North Cornwall, but throughout the whole of Cornwall.

How we do that is up to you ‘the people’. Actions must be driven by the local communities addressing local issues and taking on the responsibility and not leaving it to others.

I envisage workshops enabling people to make their own wind turbines, solar panels, polytunnels, cooperatives sourcing locally grown produce, car share schemes. To name but a few.

I currently organize and manage the markets in Launceston Town Square, am involved with setting up Launceston as a ‘Transition Town’ as well as being actively involved with, Events, The Forum and The Chamber of Commerce in the town.

Any questions etc Please feel free to phone me: 01566 782937 or email me via TNC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Mr Howard Balmer

I have been involved in cross-sector environmental projects for many years. This has included everything from the roads protests of the 90's and the Climate Camp process to the setting up of a Climate Friendly Parish, project management of a sustainable parish hall project, delivery of environmental workshops and lectures, sitting on various working groups (currently including the Cornwall Climate Change Action Plan group), membership / association with various groups (inc. Greenpeace, FoE, CCCF, SNAIRE, CoaST, TCN) and employment with ReZolve.

My family has pursued a very low carbon existence for several years and has attracted media coverage for this.

Closing down of the original unincorporated society

It is proposed to close down and disband Transition North Cornwall, the original unincorporated society, which no longer serves any purpose. Its function has been taken over by Transition North Cornwall Ltd (company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital) and all future events and activities will be carried out by this new entity. It is further proposed that any recoverable remaining funds be transferred to Transition North Cornwall Ltd.

Your Board supports this course of action and asks you to vote for the motion.


Now please 'reply' to the second email containing TNC voting paper and cast your vote as you see fit.

Thank you for your help

Paul Sousek

on behalf of the Board of Directors and Steering Group of

Transition North Cornwall:
Tel: 01840 230 548 email: