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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Transition Newsletters

This is an archive of Transition News emails.

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Transition News Feb 2009

Hello fellow members,

The time has come to hold an Annual General Meeting.

The Steering Group have settled on late March (specific date yet to be confirmed) immediately after showing of a film. We shall have the full details for you within a week or so.

You will not have to attend the AGM in person if that is inconvenient for you, although the more attending the better. Voting on all matters will be possible by email and all such votes will be added to any votes cast at the AGM itself.

Before that can happen, we would like to also encourage you to nominate yourself or another member as Steering Group member for TNC Society and a director of the TNC Ltd company. We are looking for 4 to 5 additional individuals to join the team.

To nominate yourself please reply to this email, state that you wish to put your name forward and ideally add a paragraph of information (max 500 words) about yourself so that TNC members will have a basis on which to vote.

At the same time we would like to ask all of you, the TNC members, what proposals you would like to put forward for consideration by the AGM. These may address TNC priorities, the type of help/ services TNC provide either to individuals or to transition type groups, perhaps proposals for the website, or suggesting a particular direction TNC should take etc, etc. Whatever strikes you as a possible improvement or a change of current practices.

To submit a proposal, kindly reply to this email, number your proposal if submitting more than one and state the text/ proposal you are making.
The Steering Group may amalgamate several similar proposals into one for voting purposes.

Once we collect your nominations and proposals, we shall prepare these in the form of a voting paper and ask all TNC members to cast their vote against each. All such votes will be added to the votes cast in person at the AGM, subject to each member having just one vote.

We hope that these arrangement will make it easy for every single TNC member to fully participate in the AGM even if distances, prior arrangements or inconvenience prevents you from attending.

In order to confirm that every member receives this information, it would be helpful if you would reply to this email even if you do not wish to nominate or propose, in which case just enter the word NONE.

In any case, we need to receive your reply at the latest by the end of Tuesday 24th February 2009 in order to have enough time for sufficient notice of the AGM to be given.

Thank you all for your help and support

for the Steering Group of Transition North Cornwall currently consisting of
Paul Sousek, Mike Grigg, Rebecca Rapson, Jacki Ellis-Martin
Transition North Cornwall Ltd, whose current directors are Paul Sousek, Mike Grigg and Rebecca Rapson.

By the way, if you missed this film, make sure you watch in on Sunday. It is excellent and inspirational: 20th Feb, BBC2, A Farm for the Future:

and don't forget to vote!

Good luck

Transition North Cornwall:
Tel: 01840 230 548 email:
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