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Posted on November 3, 2015 by thefoodassembly
Each week Pia and Lindsay bring their community together to buy directly from their local farmers and foodmakers in Frome, Somerset.

They’ve starred in the BBC, The Guardian, and within their busy schedule we were lucky these two food heroes had time to talk with us!

Why did you start a Food Assembly in your town?

Lindsay: I initially heard of The Food Assembly via Facebook and immediately was impressed with the idea and wanted to be involved! My degree is in food marketing so I am able to use my skills to put my beliefs into action.

Pia: I was actively looking for a worthwhile ‘project’ that I could do in my own time with a baby, but that would give me something beyond babies to talk about and put me in contact with some adult conversation!

Join Pia + Lindsay: Bring local food to your community with your own farmers’ market

What do you like about it?

Lindsay: I like that it gives some power back to the consumers and the producers. I like that it celebrates the reality of food growing, production and distribution, that the food production system is not faceless.

Pia: The people! At The Food Assembly, people I have met, like my co-host Lindsay, our producers and customers. I enjoy Wednesday evenings (the night of our collection) – it feels like a social event, not a work commitment.

Did you grow up with local food?

Lindsay: When I was growing up, food was home-cooked, low-faff food; functional food. Food matters as it is my body’s fuel, so you might as well use quality. I have a tendency though to eat both healthfully and naughtily.

I am aware how lucky we are in this society to have so much food in abundance and it is important that food in my house is not wasted. Buying food through The Food Assembly gets me closer to the effort involved in getting food to my plate, so I am more appreciative of it.


What are the benefits for joining or organising a Food Assembly?

Pia: There are lots of benefits. I feel as if I am doing something worthwhile and for me – making me a happier, more fulfilled Mum. We get to sample and talk about different types of food (the visit to a goat farm was a particular high point for my eldest daughter!), and there is no doubt that we are eating fresher, healthier produce.

Why should someone start a Food Assembly?

Lindsay: Setting up a Food Assembly very much makes you feel part of the community and gives you an identity within it. It is important to give customers choices about where they buy their food and The Food Assembly empowers people to act on their beliefs. You allow your community to make positive change.—