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This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

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16Oct2012: WREN AGM and report

A date for your diary

We are writing to invite you to WREN's Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 16th October. Please take this as the formal notice of the meeting.

The AGM will be held in Wadebridge Town Hall and will start at 7pm. The Town Hall will be open from 6.30 to sign members in.

The agenda for the formal business part of the meeting follows, together with the minutes of the previous General Meeting held in May 2011.

There are additional activities and events planned for that evening and we do hope to see you there.

The WREN Board for the coming year will be elected at the AGM. One Board member resigned during the year and another plans to do so before the AGM. In accordance with WREN's Rules, another two Board members have to step down and can offer themselves for re-election. The result is that there are vacancies on the Board. If you would like to stand for election, and would like more information about what becoming a Board member involves please get in touch with me at

On behalf of all at WREN - we hope to see you on the 16th October.

Tony Faragher
Company Secretary

Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) Limited

Registered in England, registration number 31236R.

Registered address: WREN Energy Shop, Hamilton House, The Platt, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7AA

Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) Ltd

Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 16th October 2012, 7 pm in Wadebridge Town Hall


1. Chair’s welcome and introduction

2. Minutes of AGM held in May 2011 (attached / enclosed)

· To agree these as a true record

· Any matters arising

3. Report from the Board on achievements in 2011 and 2012, and plans for the future

4. Presentation of accounts and balance sheet for 2011 /12

5. Report of the auditor

6. Appointment of Auditor for 2012 /13

7. Proposal from the Board to (a) lower the age limit for membership of WREN to 12 years and (b) permit those aged 16 to stand for election to the Board provided that not more than three places on the Board shall be held by under 18’s

8. Election to vacancies on the Board


Held at 7 pm in Wadebridge Town Hall

1. Present

Richard Alexander, David Atfield, Nicola Atfield, Oliver Baines, Helen Barret, Charlotte Barry, Des Berriman, John Bower, Graham Brinsden, Angela Bunney, Jake Burnyeat, Duncan Burwood, Fiona Clark, Jerry Clark, Bennie Cox, Graham Dudman, Ann Fanstone, Tony Faragher, Beverly Flint, Lizzy-Jane Frankel, Olly Frankland, Sarah Galley, Peter Gonnet, Sue Hall, George Harris, Jason Henderson, Randi Henderson, Anita Hohenkerk, Keith Hohenkerk, Shayne House, Angus Lamond, HR Marshall, Kevin Mattholie, Mary Mattholie, Peter McGregor, Leonie McGregor, Tom McGregor, David Monks, Ron Muckleston, Guy Nott-Bower, Brenda Nicoll, Paul Rea, Lynette Rentoul, Jeremy Rowe, Stephen Rushworth, Daniel Ryan. Teresa Smith, Andrew Stott, Bill Stuart-White, Anne Tarry, Lorraine Turnbull, Jude Whitby, Anthony Wilce, Harry Wild, Jordan Wild, Matthew Williams


Angela Attlesey, Vic Dyer, Nigel Flanagan, David Girling, Louella Hanbury-Tenison, Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Jean Harris, Adrian Jones, Stephen Knightley, Trish Stockling, Dan Rogerson. David and Merrryn Shillito

Meeting chaired by Stephen Frankel, minutes by Lizzy-Jane Frankel.

2. Report on the scope and progress of WREN's programme

Stephen Frankel (SF) reported that WREN started as a community renewable energy scheme open to everybody. Initial emphasis has been on the economic benefits of such a scheme, and the wish to give the local economy a boost by getting in on the ground floor of the new low carbon economy.

WREN was proposed as a model, which with proper evaluation from the University of Exeter and Cornwall College could be rolled out anywhere, and is already receiving national attention (meeting with Chris Huhne and correspondence with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC); proposed filming by the BBC for Countryfile on Saturday 28th May; across social media; Daily Telegraph article).

The Town Council has joined WREN as an institutional member, the Chamber of Commerce has been very supportive from the outset and is an institutional member, liaison with churches is being facilitated by Bill Stuart-White and schools are playing a key role, both in the dissemination of information and generation of ideas, with the Future Committee already elected at Wadebridge School (WREN membership for under 16s). Representatives of the Future Committee will sit in on WREN Board meetings, and have influence over our policy and purposes.

Cornwall Council has been broadly supportive, though restricted in the help they can offer at the present time. Two solar companies, Solar Century (largest UK PV company) and Plug into the Sun, (most established Cornish PV company) are interested and sympathetic, and we are also lucky to have the support of Green Trust.

As already mentioned, the local universities are supportive and will be evaluating what we do, led by Professor Catherine Mitchell, a world class energy policy and climate specialist who serves on the IPCC, based at the Tremough campus. Doctoral level research into the baseline energy economics in Wadebridge has already been funded by the ESF. Students from Cornwall College at Camborne came to talk to SF, Jerry Clark (JC) and Tony Faragher (TF) about WREN’s activities, and were humbling and inspiring in their desire and determination to help with the programme.

The key partners in all of this activity are the community here in and around Wadebridge. The turnout for the January 2011 launch was very encouraging, and obviously it is absolutely key that the community is involved in future decisions. WREN will generate resources which can be used here in and around Wadebridge to: create real jobs; reinvest in renewables; alleviate fuel poverty and to help fund community projects.

Harriet Wild (HW) spoke about the Future Committee, reporting that they are drawn from members of the Eco Club at Wadebridge School. They have been fantastic, showing great motivation, energy and enthusiasm as well as knowledge of the issues involved. They have been spreading the word of WREN activities, plan to make a presentation to the school governors, are thinking of ways to make the school greener, producing a child-friendly version of the WREN leaflets, making a Future Committee page on the school website, and are clearly the future for us and Wadebridge!

JC reported on photo-voltaic (PV) installation projects to date. There are approximately 40 solar club installations in the pipeline, with up to 10 due to be installed by the end of this week. There are 200 free PV (love your roof) schemes working through the system, with 12 more site surveys for free PV about to happen. We are working towards a number of 50 KW installations, including ground-mounted, industrial and agricultural roofs, both in the free and capitalized schemes. We have investigated a 5 MW solar allotment project, with potential local share ownership and substantial input into the local community fund, but this has been put on hold by the DECC Feed In Tariff (FIT) review, which is due to be completed in July. We are also looking at possibilities for big wind energy projects. SF added that these bigger projects will only go ahead if conditions are right and with community support. We aim to produce 30% of Wadebridge’s energy needs by 2015, and to do this we will need some big schemes as well as the domestic, industrial and agricultural roofs.

TF reported on WREN’s parallel aim of reducing energy consumption. We are talking to a number of potential partners about delivering widespread loft/cavity wall insulation across Wadebridge and the surrounding area, and offering smart metering. So far we have had positive meetings with British Gas and Community Energy Plus (CEP). WREN has also won a small amount of funding to look at ways people can reduce their energy use, and as the money becomes available we will be writing to members to ask for households interested in taking part in this action research. Also Olly Frankland, a research student, wants to look at how and why people became part of WREN, or not. We are also working with Green Trust to look for funding for a solar allotment, on a smaller scale than the solar park, which would enable wider-spread local ownership.

A question was asked about sources of funding. At present this will come from finder’s fees for the roof schemes, contributions from capitalised roof schemes and a percentage of the FIT on the free PV scheme. Funding for the free PV scheme is being accessed from Triodos Bank (Bristol based ethical bank) via Solar Century.

3. Election the Board of Directors who will oversee WREN

TF clarified that under our rules as an Industrial Provident Society (IPS) we are allowed a maximum of 12 Board members. Currently SF, JC and TF are directors, as they were the founding signatories to set up the IPS, but they are now standing down in order to stand for re-election. He asked anybody willing to stand for Board membership to come to the front of the hall and give a short presentation. The following people did so, in order:

Lizzy-Jane Frankel, is an artist used to working on environmental and public site specific projects and the designer of the WREN logo. She has attended most of WREN meetings and taken the notes. She worked with Harry Wild on some of the pre-launch school workshops. She’s a willing worker and married to fellow would-be Board member Stephen Frankel.

Jerry Clark, has a degree in Environmental Science, and is a life-long environmentalist with technical expertise in renewable energy and green building.

Richard Alexander is a Chartered certified accountant, with a practice in town. He is currently updating his own business plan and aiming to become a sustainable business by 2015, including solar panels on the roof, reducing paper use and nominating a sustainability champion within the business.

Stephen Frankel is a small-holder. Already owning a 6KW wind turbine and solar panels, he would like to see the benefits he has seen from renewables open to everyone across the area, and Wadebridge become the coolest, most prosperous place for all inhabitants, with attractive employment prospects for our future school leavers.

Duncan Burwood is a GP, who says he was the one who first thought of WREN, and is credited with coming up with the name! He has a long-standing interest in environmental issues, and with oil prices rising wants to make renewable energy widely available as soon as possible.

Peter McGregor was involved in fundraising for solar schemes for Wadebridge CP School and Newquay College, both of which are now up and running. He was key in arranging the recent electric car demonstration in Wadebridge.

Harry Wild works in the family business in Wadebridge, is a Town Councillor, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and loves seeing Wadebridge leading the way. She has been involved with the schools and helping to disseminate information on WREN through social media.

Lorraine Turnbull moved to Wadebridge from Scotland 6 years ago. She and her family came because they love Wadebridge, and wouldn’t live anywhere else. She has 2 children in local schools, and the whole family try to live sustainably, recycling, working as a family to get a wood burning stove which also heats water and understands the importance of being able to practically demonstrate what is possible for other families.

David Atfield recently retired as a lecturer at Cornwall College, and is particularly interested in helping make the internships and research by students from the University of Exeter and Cornwall College a reality.

Adrian Jones (working away, statement read by TF) has been interested in environmental issues for a long time. He has been involved in running a number of small businesses and has skills in IT and graphic design. He worked in New York to help families after the World Trade Center disaster.

Tony Faragher has lived in Cornwall for over 20 years, first in Liskeard and then Wadebridge. He has worked with people, for example offenders and people with substance misuse problems, who are economically and socially excluded and wants to make sure that everybody gets a slice of the cake.

Peter Gonnet has been interested in renewable energy for sixty years. He was a design electrical engineer, including working on large scale oil projects.

There is also the possibility for 2 professional advisors to the Board, and SF suggested that though he was not able to be present this evening, the rest of the Board might like to ask Nigel Flanagan, a solicitor with Ralph and Co who has already been generous with pro bono work, to be one of those people.

Anita Hohenkerk proposed acceptance of those standing for the Board, and this was voted on by show of hands with unanimous acceptance.

Charlotte Barry asked how members of the Board would be assigned roles, and TF clarified that under the rules this must be agreed amongst the Board.

SF thanked everybody for the amazing turnout and reiterated the importance of WREN as a way of creating something of economic and strategic value.

Notice of future Board meetings will go to all WREN members, and it was agreed that those meetings should be open to all, and members are unequivocally encouraged to participate and help determine direction, though formal votes will have to be restricted to Board members.

Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network