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... for greater sustainability and local resilience

Organizations & Campaigns

This space is intended as a register for North Cornwall-wide organisations that wish to support the Transition Movement or that may be useful to Transition Groups.

To add your organisation either add in a new 'comment' or use the 'contact' form to send in the information you wish to publish.

Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK is a green electricity company based in Hertfordshire. We
supply electricity generated from a diverse range of green and renewable
sources, including many emerging technologies.

We are keen to support the work of low carbon groups and transition towns
like yours, and we have two different suggestions which I thought might be of
interest to you.

1. The Big Green Quiz

Our newly compiled Big Green Quiz has been created by Green Energy UK for
groups such as yours who run events aimed at encouraging sustainability and
building community in your local area.

The Big Green Quiz is suitable for a wide range of people, and while some
questions cover sustainability and environmental issues there are a large
number which simply make reference to the word ‘green’! A quiz would be a
great event to include in any plans for Climate Week, which runs 21-27 March

If you’re thinking of running a quiz night in your area, then we are very
happy to provide the questions and answers for you completely free of charge.

Our emailable Big Green Quiz pack includes the following in PDF format:

Instructions and suggestions for running your Big Green Quiz night
Question and Answer sheets for 8 themed rounds
Score Sheets
We are also more than happy to send you pencils and stickers to use at your

To apply for your free Big Green Quiz pack, please email me on or call me in the office on 0800 954 0675.

2. Discounted Renewable Electricity for your members

Through our Low Carbon Affinity Schemes, we can offer your members and
supporters the chance to buy renewable electricity at a discounted price, at
the same time as raising funds for the group itself.

I can send you a leaflet which explains how this works, and if you think
you’d be interested I’m very happy to talk you through it.

This is a fantastic scheme which provides support for groups like yours, and
in addition enables people to buy renewable electricity at a similar price to
what they’re currently paying on brown tariffs!

To find out more about us as a company please have a look at our website or give me a call on 0800 954 0675.

Kind regards,

Liz Bell
green energy uk

Telephone: 0800 954 0675
Fax: 01920 484268

Our electricity comes from nature's power stations!
Find out more about unusual sources of green electricity by clicking here

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Green Energy (UK) plc, registered in England No. 4194006