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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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19Oct2013: PIMBY Picnic in Truro

I am writing to invite you to a demonstration called a “PIMBY Picnic” in Truro on Saturday at 10. 30 am at High Cross (in front of the Cathedral) in support of renewable energy.

There will be Transition Groups, Greenpeace members and people from various other organisations who share our green concerns in attendance. “PIMBY” stands for “Please in my back yard” and the demo is a direct response to one that is being organised by “Cornwall Protect” – an organisation dedicated to objecting to Wind and Solar power generation, something they call the “renewable energy scam” , “green madness” and “not Green energy but Greed energy”. On the one hand they pretend to acknowledge climate change, but then set out advising parish councils and local people how to object to planning applications, lobby Cornwall Council, claim to speak for the “landscape” of Cornwall and feed the media with disinformation about renewable energy and are attempting to convince people that Wind and Solar electricity generation represents an industrial threat to Cornwall. You can find their website here.

Members of all the Cornish Green Parties will be joining in solidarity with other green groups to express the positive argument for Wind and Solar electricity generation – we will not be acting in an “anti” frame, but putting forward the following values:

1. A better future is renewable

2. Clean energy for a clean environment

3. Cornwall's countryside should work for us

4. Wind and sun will make our communities stronger

5. We need to build a future for our children, not sabotage it.

You might also like to wear green.

Steve Haynes.