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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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22Oct2012: Establishing the Cornwall Sustainability Forum

Establishing the Cornwall Sustainability Forum

- Prosperity for Cornwall

Invitation to Attend an Information Sharing Meeting at Eden

On Monday, October 22, 2012. 1:00-4:45

Purpose: To establish a Cornwall Sustainability Forum

Participants will be invited to discuss their interest in working on and defining an agenda for the new Cornwall Sustainability Forum, which will hold 5 workshops over the next year on what sustainability might mean for Cornwall. From initial discussions on the content for these workshops it has been proposed that alternative models for good development will be explored with speakers presenting lectures on more sustainable strategies that are working elsewhere. Part of this agenda will include analysis and discussion of land use and management, new approaches to sustainable development including issues relating to alternative energy, human values and our need for a prosperous future.

Format for this meeting: As a way of introducing ideas for more sustainable models of growth that could be part of the agenda for the Cornwall Sustainability Forum, 6 speakers will present for 10 minutes each on new strategies for a more sustainable form of development for Cornwall. This will be followed by a discussion on establishing the Cornwall Sustainability Forum, how it will work and the next steps.

Chair: Sir John Banham

Agenda: 1:00 Introduction by Sir John Banham

1:15 Dan Ryan, Eden

1:30 Bert Biscoe on farming and land use in Cornwall

1:45 Gage Williams, OBE, Non Executive Chairman, Spinetic Energy

2:00 Ross Martin, South West Water

2:15 Paul St. Pierre, RSPB

2:30 Discussion and questions

3:00 Information and discussion of the Cornwall Sustainability


4:15 Concluding remarks by Sir John and Tea

RSVP: CPRE, on 01872 562 062 or by 8th October, 2012

Concept Note on the Cornwall Sustainability Forum

Prosperity for Cornwall

The purpose of the meeting to be held on Monday, October 22 at Eden is to discuss the establishment of a Cornwall Sustainability Forum that, over the course of one to two years, will develop a framework for prosperity for Cornwall with recommendations for guiding principles and specific strategies for the economy, society and the environment. The idea for the meeting is emerging from a need to develop a consensus on how ‘sustainability’, a term now widely used but with many interpretations, can be achieved.

At this initial information sharing meeting, participants and organisations will be invited to indicate if they would like to participate in a further series of five the workshops, which will be by invitation as outlined below. They will also be asked if they would like to contribute to the main working group, which will seek to define the agenda, strategy and plan for the 5 workshops and future developments. It is anticipated that organisations and participants will be drawn from the transition and environment or conservation movements as well as local or green businesses and civic organizations.

Preliminary planning has suggested a format for the five one-day workshops in order to explore where Cornwall is now, what is or is not working socially and economically and what values help determine the choices people make. In addition prospective outcomes of alternative economic models will be assessed and speakers, activities and materials will show what people around the world are doing to bring about a more resilient and sustainable society, socially, economically and environmentally.

Initial discussions have included consultation with a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation from whom we are seeking assistance in delivering these workshops. The initial suggested agenda for the 5 workshops seeks to cover: (1) Common Ground, (2) Visioning, (3 and 4) The Alternatives and (5) Land Use and Management which will include a discussion on the designation of a National Park for Cornwall as one strategy for the development of further sustainable economic prosperity.

For each workshop it is proposed that speakers of national or international renown will be invited to present a lecture, either in person or through a video link. These will be open to the public on the evening prior to the day of a workshop. Speakers will also be invited to participate in the workshops.

At the conclusion of the fifth workshop, it is anticipated that a sixth bigger workshop event will be organised, a Future Visioning Workshop, to which decision-makers and politicians will be invited. This meeting will seek to build a consensus on ‘prosperity’ and ‘sustainability’ for Cornwall as it has emerged from the work of the five workshops. All the workshops, materials and lectures will be documented so that materials can be used to guide policy, for example, by being shared with local communities who may wish to utilize some of the materials in their local plans.

Any organizations or individuals who would like to work on the development and delivery of the agenda of the Cornwall Sustainable Forum workshops is invited to attend the meeting at Eden on the Monday, October 22, 1:00 or to contact or ring 01872 562062.

Gage Williams OBE,
Chief Executive
West Country Renewables Ltd (Reg No 7329220),
Menkee, St Mabyn, Bodmin PL30 3DD,
01208 841378, 07825 018116
'Power to the Parish'