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... for greater sustainability and local resilience


Here is a list of events of interest to the whole of the North Cornwall Area, future, present and past.

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This year we are back in London, hosted once more by the wonderful Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) (where we were in 2009), and the Conference teams are in the thick of planning a weekend of events and workshops that explore the theme of "Building Resilience in Extraordinary Times".

We have an ambitious programme for this year's event, with 5 distinct elements, which can be attended as stand-alone events or in combination (dates permitting):

Main Transition Conference: Friday 14th September (6.00pm) to Sunday 16th September (4.30pm)
REconomy Project Day: Friday 14th September (10.00am to 5.30pm)
Youth Symposium: Friday 14th September (10.00am to 5.30pm)
National Transition Hubs gathering: Monday 17th September (10.00am) to Tuesday 18th September (1.00pm)
Transition THRIVE training: 2 full days, Thursday 13th (9.30am to 5.30pm) and Friday 14th September (9.30am to 5.00pm)

Main Transition Conference
The Main Transition Conference will explore the theme of "Building Resilience in Extraordinary Times". It'll give you the chance to connect with people from all over the UK – and if other years are anything to go by, from all over the world – who have taken the Transition approach into their hearts, lives and communities.

If you are new to Transition, this will be an opportunity to make new friends and plunge into a rich pool of ideas, inspiration and practical learning that will help you do the things you want to do back at a home base. If you have been round the Transition block a few times already, this is the place to refresh your energy, catch up with old friends and immerse yourself in what’s new in Transition.

Our theme this year will be explored through a wide variety of activities and processes including programmed workshops, an Open Space afternoon, walks and visits, and a great Saturday evening of entertainment, including an open mic slot. It will draw in elements of the REconomy and Young Transition conferences happening the previous day, and introduce a new ingredient for 2012: a "Cook Up".

As we look at the question “How do we engage our communities in the Transition things we do?”, you can opt to roll your sleeves up and get practical, working alongside each other to “cook up” mini events, demos or activities that showcase Transition in Action. It could be an instant edible landscape, a local currency, a feast, an energy company, an Inner Transition workshop, a piece of theatre or a Transition newspaper.

Want to run a "Cook Up" at the conference? If you have experience of making an aspect of Transition happen in your locality, and are interested in sharing your knowledge and skill in a practical way, find out more.

These different “creative acts of community” will be shared with everyone at the Conference, with Battersea Arts Centre staff, and with invited members of the local community. This is a real taste of Transition In Action – a big and bold experiment as part of a conference, but a rich learning event that we will co-create together, have fun with and celebrate.

The full programme will settle into place over the coming month, and we will keep you updated as it gets finalised.

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What's a Transition Network conference like?
If you haven't been to a Transition conference yet, or you can't remember last year's, have a read of the 2011 conference blog which covered much of the action, or check out the totally impressive 2011 conference write up page.

Tell me more about the REconomy, Youth, Training and National Hubs events
The REconomy Project Day at the Transition Conference will explore the conference theme of "Building Resilience in Extraordinary Times" through an economic and entrepreneurial lens. And you as the attendees will help create the agenda.

This is a day where you can both learn and shape Transition economic thinking. Through mapping, scaling and connecting some disparate innovations and trailblazer enterprises, we'll make an audacious attempt to bring to life an enthralling vision of a truly credible alternative to our current economic system.

The day is for doers and will be a mix of "how to" sessions on areas such as setting up anything from energy and food companies to incubators and local currencies. There will be some tool kit building workshops, as well as idea-sharing and a sprinkling of inspirational stories from pioneers and thinkers in new economics.

The REconomy Project itself has been a collaboration of hundreds of Transitioners and builds on the growing body of work and momentum around 3 key areas - setting up social enterprises, engaging existing businesses and leading the economic transition in your community. The official REconomy Project launch will be at the end of the Friday and we invite you to join us in celebrating (in the bar!).

Check out the website, particularly the "about" and the "what's a Transition social enterprise" pages, and like us on facebook to be kept up to date. Ticket price includes a sandwich lunch and refreshments.

Read more about the REconomy Project Day...

The Youth event is entitled "Which Future do We Want?" and will be a collaborative exploration into how young people can find or create meaningful livelihoods in a rapidly changing world. We will inspire each other with open space sessions, world cafe conversations, mini workshops and time for just meeting and talking. Mark Boyle (author of The Moneyless Man), Rob Hopkins (co-founder of Transition) will be present... and others still to come in an exploration of the whole economic spectrum from Gift Culture, through social enterprise to big business (more anon).

Young people from 16 upwards can participate in this symposium, and we're targeting school/college/university-leaving age ranges. We'll be inviting around 20 elders to take a holding role, staying firmly in the background.

Additionally, we will be launching our new one-year learning journey for over-20s called "One Year in Transition" as well as catalysing a "Youth in Transition" network for those who want to stay in touch with like-minded people as they navigate the uncertain times ahead.

The 2-day Transition THRIVE course - Thursday 13th (9.30am to 5.30pm) and Friday 14th September (9.30am to 5.00pm) - will run on the two days directly before the conference.

We've designed this particular instance of the course to be flexibly integrated with the other conference events so that you can choose the learning experience that works best for you. This advanced training course will help you to sustain momentum both in your Transition Initiative and also at a personal level. It's packed with ideas and inspiration to help you move your Transition Initiative to the next level. Course details are here and here's some feedback.

At the conference, the THRIVE course intertwines with the REconomy event giving the following choice for course participants:

day 1: Transition THRIVE
day 2: either second day of THRIVE course, or REconomy day. There will be an integration session on Sunday of the conference to help you to integrate learning from the course and the conference to help you to build an action plan to take you forward.
An international gathering of National Transition Hubs will circle up for two days of problem solving, mutual support, visioning and planning to help ensure that there's a solid, proactive, motivated and well-skilled group helping support transition wherever it appears around the world. This event is being co-managed by Filipa Pimentel, National Hubs coordinator.

full details and links:

Programme now available at