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Cornwall Forum

Good place to discuss any issues affecting or of interest to any part of the whole of Cornwall

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Cornish energy now and in the future

Cornwall has some of the best renewable energy resources in great abundance and great variety.
All that holds us back from renewable energy revolution and energy security and resilience is a failure of political will. Our politicians must progress beyond thew fossil-fuel past into our bright shared renewable future.

Cornwall total energy statistics:
Total Gross Energy used: 10,561 GWhrs
Projected energy requirements based on 40% reduction in energy usage by 2050: 6,337GWhrs
Renewable generating potential: 10,185 GWhrs
Percentage of future energy needs provided by renewables: 161%
Number of jobs created: 16,537 full time equivalent skilled jobs, i.e. 6.3% increase

Key drivers, opportunities and challenges:
Cornwall is richly endowed with great variety of renewable energy resources, including reliable deep hot rock geothermal energy, which can combine well with the more variable marine, wind and solar energy generation capabilities.

Renewables have received good support from the unitary authority. Cornwall has one of the best overall strategies for developing renewables. However, its remoteness provides challenges for exporting surplus energy.

Cornwall also has some of the greatest potential for sustainable reforrestation of the Moors, ikncluding sustainable coppice wood biomass production when combined with the latest combined Heat and Power generating technology. Extensive woodland restoration of upland areas would also reduce runoff from increased rainfall intensity due to climate change, as well as supply high quantities of construction timber, provide carbon sink and wild life sanctuary.

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