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Next time it may be too late

Thank you everybody who voted for me! Here are the results

Poundstock - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Nicky Chopak Lib Democrat 487 37% Elected
Andrew Vernon Ades Conservative 449 34% Not elected
Paul Sousek Mebyon Kernow 206 16% Not elected
Rupert Powell Unspecified 171 13% Not elected

My vote has gone up from 88 last time to 206 this time, still less than half of what is required.

I know I have lost at least 100 votes by openly supporting the new proposed Good Energy development at Week St Mary, which is being fiercely opposed by quite a few Week St Mary residents, fears being whipped up by several nimbies even though the development will be more than a kilometre from the village and very few will actually be able to see (and certainly not hear) it from their homes. Of course all the other candidates stated quite shamelessly that they support renewable energy, but only 'sensitively' developed and not in 'inappropriate places'. The normal green wash.

Unfortunately, most electors do not yet understand that we are almost at the final tipping point, after which it no longer matter what we do and the planet will enter runaway global warming period, which will be an utter catastrophe for human civilisation on the planet Earth.

Next time, in 2017, it may well be too late to do anything about it.

Fortunately, there will be a Cornwall Councillor pressing for sustainability: Tim Andrewes - Green Party:

MK candidates stood for 26 seats. Here is the share of vote in those seats.

Mebyon Kernow 6756 (24.81%)
Conservatives 5955 (21.85%)
Liberal Dems 5288 (19.40%)
UK IP 3199 (11.74%)
Independent 2972 (10.91%)
Labour Party 2668 (9.79%)
Green Party 268 (0.98%)
Liberal Party 143 (0.52%)

So, where MK stood, MK had the largest share of vote. Not bad!

Best regards

Paul Sousek