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Thank you for making your position clear... renewable energy

Thank you for making your position clear. Whilst I cannot argue with the need for renewable energy, I take great exception to the way it is being managed, and who pays (us!) vs who profits, especially from large scale installations. I cannot see that any but community installed wind turbines/solar in the county will lift anyone out of fuel poverty, given the way subsidies are organised.

Also I think you are seriously underestimating the damage to health from night time noise and infrasound from wind turbines, and I believe that current regulation separation distances are not nearly adequate to protect nearby households from this blight.

However, I don't suppose I will change your thinking - so you will not be getting my vote.

For what it's worth, my solution would be solar on factories and brown field sites; all new build homes to be by law carbon-neutral; offshore turbines; better research into storage of renewable energy so that it is actually available to the grid when it is needed rather than when it is not; and more development of hydro power.

Yours sincerely
Nicky May

Dear Nicky May

Our whole way of life is currently based on large quantities of energy derived from burning fossil fuels. That has to change because it is unsustainable. No only because burning fossil fuels is causing potentially catastrophic climate change, which will effect us but mainly our children, grandchildren and future generations, but also because fossil fuels, being a non-renewable resources, are subject to depletion. That is why prices have tripled over the past 6 years and are likely to be doubling and tripling in future years as well.

Whilst the cost of renewable technology is rapidly declining, the cost of not switching to renewables and staying with fossil fuels is doubling and tripling of energy bills in the short term and decline in availability/ power cuts in the medium term as depletion deepens.

Who pays and who profits is almost irrelevant. The important thing is that the necessary infrastructure of future power generation is being built. After all somebody always profits, we do live in a capitalist society.

The scientific research to date has shown no significant health issues associated with wind turbines. Current regulations require that any noise reaching neighbouring properties is limited to below 35 decibels, which is half the noise produced by the average fridge in the kitchen - with no associated health issues! Here is a summary paper of over 130 peer reviewed scientific papers on this subject:

As far as your suggested solutions are concerned:
Solar on factories (and houses and car parks etc) - agreed, but insufficient
New builds to be carbon-neutral - agreed, although this way it would take at least a century to convert the whole of the housing stock. We need to retro-fit existing housing to save up to 80% of energy on house heating.

Offshore wind turbines - yes, but they are much more expensive requiring greater subsidy than on-shore and you did complain about who profits

Research into storage: there are hundreds of research projects into energy storage of various types, but the existing ones (pumped storage and sea based compressed air) work well, are very efficient and just require implementation.

Hydro power is a good source of energy, but its potential in Cornwall is limited.

There are other possibilities as well, but even taking all these together with wind turbines and PV arrays, it will be difficult to replace fossil fuel power - but we simply must.

Best regards
Paul Sousek