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political discussion

Correspondence on the subject of political bias
Hi David

You have a point. As a result we have published an invitation to use this website for discussions relating to the local elections.

We shall not be approaching anyone in particular. This website is intended for use by those interested in Transition. Any bias in the political discussion will simply reflect the political bias of Transition membership in our locality.

Best regards

-----Original Message-----
From: David Lyons []
Sent: 25 March 2013 21:39
To: TransitionNC
Subject: Re: [Transition NC Contact Form] Disappointment with Transition North Cornwall

Hello Paul - thank you for your reply.
That Mebyon Kernow post to your site - and are aware of the opportunity is due to your connection with them. Have you written to the other political parties and invited them to post?

If you created a 'hustings' section which was obvious as a political area, I would agree - there was a good article published about transition hustings...but in your website, the casual browser could assume that transition was just supporting MK. If that is what your are happy with/hope for - then you will succeed - but I don't believe it benefits the transition movement as a whole, or your transition group in particular. Whilst I may not particularly agree with other mainstream political parties ...or enjoy the company of their adherents - I am keen to work with them on transition matters - the urgency of transition demands no less of me. By alienating those of other political parties (by actively or passively appear partisan, you are diminishing the appeal of transition.

I am happy for you to publish this correspondence on your website - so long as it is shown completely and not selectively/out of context.


David Lyons
Haddenham in Transition

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 1:29 PM, TransitionNC wrote:

Hi David and thanks for your note.

This website is open to all comers to express their opinions on any matter in some way related to Transition. We have opened this website and encouraged people, incl standing candidates, to use the website to explain their message and to answer questions from the public at each of past elections. We propose to continue this approach now for the forthcoming local elections.

Whilst the Transition movement itself is not political, many of the activists are. Having representation on democratic bodies for sustainability, resilience and the wider transition philosophy can only help us all to implement much more widely the ideas we are exploring.

I happen to be a supporter and member of Mebyon Kernow, which in my opinion is the only political party that has a chance to influence Cornwall wide policies in the right direction and as such I occasionally contribute an article on a particular issue. So do several others. It is open to other political parties to do the same, you included.

Best regards

Transition North Cornwall

PS Would you like me to publish this correspondence on the website?

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 24 March 2013 20:50
Subject: [Transition NC Contact Form] Disappointment with Transition
North Cornwall

David Lyons sent a message using the contact form at

I have been reading your postings that appear on Transition News now and
again and been pleased to see someone championing transition. As someone
deeply involved in transition and also, very separately politics I was
astonished to see that your site has become very much a mouthpiece for Mebyon
Kernow. One of Transition's strengths is that it is non political - you have
compromised that and will likely alienate many people from the concept of
Please reconsider whether promoting on particularly political party is
appropriate in these circumstances - the end objective is better served by a
non political transition movement.
David Lyons
Haddenham in Transition