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any point in having Cornwall Councillors?

As you all know there is elections for councillors of one variety and another around the UK on 2nd May 2013.
I am wondering if there is actually any point in having them. WHY?
That is if councillors in the rest of the UK are as back bone and gonad deficient as the councillors in Cornwall are.
Yesterday I once again sat in on a waste meeting at Cornwall council.
What was and has been very obvious to me at any rate, is the fact that the ELECTED councillors are not in charge of what is going on in this Royal Duchy, in any sense of the word, and have not been in charge for at least ten years.
Yesterday once again the staff had a pre meeting to decide what the councillors were going to do latter at the proper meeting. All sorted then.
In all the years I have been sitting and listening to the goings on of employed staff, to keep the elected councillors in what the staff see as their place, at the bottom of the heap at all times, I have never known it as bad as it is at this moment.
Councillors are not permitted to do what is best for the public good, and the people who have elected them, they have to obey what the staff dictate to them to do, at all times.
This was very obvious yesterday; Once again the waste staff, not the councillors were completely in control of the waste situation in this Duchy, it is they that have decided that they are going to waste yet more money on green Johanna so as a few properties can have them in their gardens for food waste disposal. Cost around £80,000 Then they are wasting yet more money on purchasing bags, cost around £17.500 to protect the food waste which should not be in the black bag in the first place, from vermin such as seagulls, cats, dogs, foxes.
Is this all just to keep the staff in their jobs?
When Roy Taylor asked why is the food waste not door step collected the staff pulled faces of indignation at such a suggestion.
If the food waste is not in the black bag in the first place the vermin would not attack them. The people who live near the land fill site would not be having to put up with smells, rats and diseases, caused by putting food waste into landfill in the first place.
One would not mind but Cornwall council has already been given the money for door step collection of food waste.
My thought is, why bother to have elected people if they are not permitted to make the laws for the area. Or, not man enough to tell the staff where to go, and take charge of any situation, which they were elected to so do.
It is obvious why most of the current councillors are standing down they can see no point in being there in the first place.
Question; is it the same for you were ever you live in the UK? I would love to know.
Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken MRSPH
Good points

We should all make sure the candidates we intend to vote for are strong enough individuals to ensure their voices are heard, not just Yes Men to one of the London political parties.