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Complete change of the top floor of Muppet manor

As most of you will know we have a nearly complete change of the top floor of Muppet manor.

Jim Currie is now the chief and Neil Burden is his deputy, we then still have Mark Kaczmarek, Armand Toms, and Carolyne Rule. We have lost Alec Robertson, Julian German, Graeme Hicks, Steve Double, and Chris Ridgers.

One surmises that Joan Symons and Lance Kennedy are still none voting members of the cabinet.

Today we should get more information on this.

Why does this effect us and our trying to get rid of this dioxin contaminating incinerator??
To start with we will have a new person in the waste department post, so that means that we will most probably have to re educate them.

I have attached for your information the Shortened Eunomia document that was put together for Cornwall county council back in 1999 2000 this states that there needs to be several types of waste disposal for this Royal Duchy because of the reality and the awkward size of the Duchy.

We have the full documentation if any of you wish to have it.
Why is this? because the Kenaway woman and her chums will try to brain wash the person into believing everything that the originator of this debacle, the evil Patel mans consistent selling of incinerators for his chums in the incinerator industry, who remember, now works for DEFRA and is no doubt selling incineration to the whole of that organisation.

We are hearing, but it may not be right, that one war seems to be coming to its end, as it seems one of the companies in the privatisation debacle, who wished to take over our lives, to fleece us all has pulled out.
It looks as though we are going to have a lot of hard work to do soon.
Dyw genes
Elizabeth Hawken
Shortened Eunomia documen