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Cornwall Waste Forum pleased democracy has prevailed


It is interesting that a group of Cornwall Councillors who were so dissatisfied with events surrounding the recent Council Cabinet's decision not authorise an independent assessment of CWFSDB alternative to incineration high recycling plan, have 'called this in' for consideration by the Council's own Environment and Economic Overview and Scrutiny Committee. It is understood that councillors are not happy with the decision and mis-leading and biased reports, including with holding very relevant information presented by officers. All of which had a significant bearing on the Cabinets decision.

It is a well known fact that Cornwall Council have received many formal complaints from councillors and the public about the unacceptable level of conduct practised by certain officers in relation to the CWFSDB alternative High Recycling plan. This conduct can only be described as deliberate attempts to mis-lead councillors, a very serious charge it lacks transparency, does not fit in with a democratic society and is not what taxpayers are entitled to expect for their money. A situation which no doubt will be subject to further attention.
After reading the agenda's reports and witnessing officers conduct at the Environment and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting held on Monday 20 August it is apparent that officers unacceptable level of conduct involving biased, mis-leading and inaccurate statements continues. There should be no place in a democratic society for such conduct. The tax paying public deserve better value for their money.

This committee after listening for three hours to the latest round of mis-leading and questionable officers reports, the resulting subsequent cross examination of officers by members, and the presentation of members individual views and reports, it became very clear that members had no confidence in officers evidence and made a decision by eleven votes to four to refer both parts of the call-in back to the Cabinet for reconsideration. There was a recorded vote.

Unfortunately only two challengeable issues could be tabled at E&EO&SC meetings which leaves a considerable number of misleading statements and the very serious issue of withholding relevant information not being debated at this stage.

Ken Rickard,