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London Olympics Decimated in 15 Eloquent Tweets

Andrew Simms Decimates the London Olympics in 15 Eloquent Tweets

February 25, 2012 by Simon

Author of Ecological Debt, Tescopoly, & some other things. Fellow of nef. Co-founded the Green New Deal &

Its Saturday & I love sport, but there are many layers of wrong to London2012. Apologies, I’ll pluck these 15 thorns now, then say no more.

1/15 Suspension of free speech: under special powers it is illegal for local people visibly to criticise the Olympics. Incredible but true.

2/15 They were imposed on local communities and businesses who had no ultimate choice over the ‘regeneration’ of their neighbourhoods

3/15 They went massively over their initial budget

4/15 The polluting, climate-wrecking, renewable energy dropping, oil giant, BP, is their ‘sustainability sponsor’

5/15 Having fast food giant McDonalds as a sponsor makes a mockery of the healthy sporting example the event is meant to set (oh, and Coke)

6/15 Dow Chemicals is a sponsor although still embroiled in dispute over the lethal Bhopal disaster

7/15 Vast numbers of tickets went to corporations & dignitaries rather than ordinary punters, the people who are paying for it

8/15 Special traffic lanes will put the interests of VIP traffic flow ahead of the needs of some emergency services

9/15 The broken promises about mass sporting activity for young people

10/15 The broken environmental promises

11/15 The broken promise about the outside race routes that should have gone more around the host boroughs

12/15 They mask a global trade in muscle biased toward rich countries. Results flatter national resource. Why not redistribute Olympic cash?

13/15 Other parts of the country needed the new infrastructure much more than the South East

14/15 The fact that to enter the Olympic area you’re channelled through a shrine to crass consumerism – the appalling symbolism of Westfield

15/15 It is a monument to often hypocritical, rather pompous self-justifying, elite vain glory. Shame when sport is such a good thing.