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Offered for sale or barter

At some point in the future we intend to start a proper LETS scheme, but in the meantime feel free to use our temporary system:

Sale, Barter or Exchange

Here you can list your items or services to sell, barter or exchange. Just click on 'add new comment' and start typing.

To reply to an offer, ask questions or comment press 'Reply' and type.

Chicks and ducklings to sell

Due to over-enthusiasm with the incubator and more cheeps coming from it this morning, I have around 7 Aylesburys ducks and 7 light sussex chicks. The ducks are less than a week old, and chicks just over a week. All unsexed. Will need a heat lamp.

Light sussexes lay up to 200 eggs a year and my 2 point-of-lay mothers cost me #15 each. Unrelated to Rocky my handsome cockerel.

I will donate 50p for each one sold to Cornwall Wildlife Trust. #4.50 per duckling and #3.50 per chick.

I only incubate so I can show the guests in our holiday cottages newly hatched things (and maybe to satisy my remaining broody instincts now little one at full time school!), so hope nobody minds me sending this e-mail. I know when we came here I found it hard to know where to get chicks and ducklings from.

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